02 October 2009


* I had another sick day.
* made about 20 unsuccessful granny squares :)
* ate lunch with my mom
* cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
* took a walk with my baby girl...catalina
* dreamt of having a real baby girl to take walks with
* collected pinecones while on my walk
* filled my pyrex with pinecones :)

* I decided to say "screw granny squares" and I created the Janel Circle. It is all the rage and you are all going to want one. Check it out.
A bit granny
A bit Blingy
All Janel

I think I will make more and put them in etsy!! I am already wearing mine.
* watched old episodes of Project Runway
* felt incredibly blessed to be living in such a beautiful home in this beautiful season.
* felt even more blessed when I layed out all of my quilt squares and reflected on the loveliness and generosity of my blog friends. (i love you<3)
* Now, I am off to work on my autumn journal. I was inspired by a lot of beautiful fall things on my walk.
Added: Here are the pages that I completed today :D

Have an awesome Friday.
P.S. go join in the ornament swap on Kimi's blog!! I was going to host one of these but I am even more excited that Kimi is hosting it. SHe is one of my very favorite friends for life :) Check her out and SIGN UP!!


  1. the janel circle... i like it!

    and i loooove project runway. i love heidi and tim.

  2. You totally need to sell the Janel Circle!!!!! Love it!!! Great sick day!!! ;)

  3. i loved that you mentioned that you dreamt of going on a walk w/your baby girl. i feel like everyone BUT me has a kid, or is expecting. ahhhhh!

  4. love the janel circle.

    everyone seems to have the baby bug--even i've been daydreaming about having one and i'm well aware of how EXTREMELY FAR from prepared or ready i am for one. all the interconnectedness from our blogs must be affecting our biological clocks.

    that sounded so scientific, but it totally wasn't.

    loooovvveeee your journal pages--very, very pretty.

  5. oh I love the Janel circle! :D !!

    Haha aw does everyone wants a baby? uhm. sure? haha they are cute tho!

    I dream of a wedding day which is not going to happen soon. at all. haha bummer. but hey dreaming is free. and easy.

    awesome sick day! pine cones are so nice, I gotta pick some too!

  6. I really like the Janel circle! You should definitely sell them!

    I got your paper crane in the mail today! Made me very happy! Thank you!

  7. I love the circles!
    And the page with the orange circle looks amazing!
    You are so clever and I think you can be any shape you want. :)
    PS - your little doggy looks so cute!

  8. those journal pages are awesome...you really do a great job on them.


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