02 August 2009


Today I:
* went to church and listened to such a great sermon! God is good :)
* worked on finishing the binding on Kyle's quilt:

It doesn't look that girly in person :) I promise!!! It's all cars and scooters and I loooove it! Adam wants a matching one now :)
* I worked on some more log cabin squares:

* Did you know that you burn 166 calories per hour when sitting and sewing :)?
* I spent a lot of time hanging with this little cutie

* finished getting a sewing machine all ready to ship to one special blogging friend :)
* planned an awesome creative challenge with Jamie!!
(more on that later)!
* Was really touched by this story which I read about on Rachel's blog:

What a great cause to help out!!! You can read all about it on Rachel's blog :)
* cleaned a little bit :)
* completed a whole week of healthy eating :) I feel good!! I am telling you that www.myfooddiary.com is awesome!!
I weigh in tomorrow and will let you know how I did. FIngers crossed.

Can I just tell you all how much I love and appreciate all of my blog friends :) I mean seriously, I know that I say it a lot but I looooove all of my readers and friends that I have made through the blogging world!! it melts my heart every time I read a comment or receive an email from one of you :)
love love love stinkin love you!!
Have a very relaxing rest of your weekend friends.


  1. That quilt is SUPER cute, and your log cabin squares are looking awesome!!!

  2. Hey how does Wednesday night work for you?

  3. the quilt for your nephew looks great! the log cabin squares are coming along great as well. i already cut squares to start making a quilt for my nephew! I'll be camping by my mailbox until the machine arrives!

  4. Kyle's quilt looks amazing! I LOVE the white binding. Your log cabin squares are very attractive; your fabric choices are so JKish. You have great style and a flair for color. Great job! I can't wait to see your stuff in person.


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