24 August 2009

monday inspirations...

another cute blog <3

Oh, Hello Friend, is always a great blog for all kinds of inspiration.
Here are some lovely pictures that I have seen over there as of late:

All of those pictures make me want to go out and try to make the world full of that kind of beauty <3
There are also great downloadable resources! This one is my favorite. I will be putting these lables on all of the packages that I ship from now on:

There are also swaps that you can join in on. I really like the idea of a "Lovely Package Swap!"

I will definitely have to get in on that one next time.
Speaking of lovely packaging...she also has an Etsy shop and is known for the lovely way she packages everything sold from her shop. The items in her shop are darling and affordable!! Here are my faves from her shop:

My suggestion is to check both her blog, and her Etsy shop!
There is so much beauty in both to really start your day with loads of inspiration!!!
As always, have a very inspiring Monday :)
***Also, please don't forget to check out the quilt give-a-way in the post below!!! I am so excited about the huge response I have had!!! The more the merrier :) Thanks***


  1. I love the "It's a Beautiful Day" room. The weather around here lately sure makes that statement true.

    I have your quilt square here at church. I was going to give it to you Sunday, but you weren't here. Hopefully I will see you Wed. night.

  2. OMG!! Those are the most beautiful, inspiring images! I love! TFS!
    I am going to check out her blog now! :P

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh wow. All those pictures ARE beautiful and dreamy. I love them all. I am for sure going to be visiting that blog ;) Thanks Girl.

  5. wow! beautiful photos! Love the one that had the quote "live in the sun, love in the moon"...

    beautiful blog you have here!

  6. Man oh man. I STILL cannot get a feed to your blog! Even through blogger. That makes me sad.


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