09 August 2009

soul and a give-a-way :)

soul  [sohl]
the inspirer or moving spirit of some action, movement, etc

I love that definition of soul :) There were over 10 different definitions on dictionary.com but that one was my favorite.
What is the moving spirit of your soul?
What is the inspirer of your soul?
What fuels it?
What feeds it?

I created this painting for my "soul submission":

Music is what feeds my soul. Music can control my mood, my actions, my emotions, etc. Music moves me :)
I'm not going to put this in the Etsy because I like it :)

** BUT, I am also going to be doing a little give-a-way on this post!
I made a CD of music that is moving me the most at this moment. It is a good one but it is also going to be a surprise for the winner. So, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling my what the inspirer of your soul is... I will choose a winner on Wednesday morning before I go to school (blah) :) It is a really good CD and I can't wait to share my favorites with you!!
Leave a comment!!


  1. Blah...school! haha

    And that's really awesome! Music is a big one for me, too...I'm always searching literally everywhere for new stuff!

    I always feel most alive when I'm outside. Usually when I'm out there to think or just enjoy the day. It's like I connect to nature in more ways than I can describe...and I'm always in awe of everything God has out there for us that we normally take advantage of!

  2. I love everything that you have created for these challenges!!! The tape is SO cute too! Lots of things inspire me, but lately it has been looking through flickr!

  3. music def inspires my soul!
    i NEED some good tunes!
    miss you bunchies!

  4. I too would have to say music. I love all types and love hearing new music!!

    Reading blogs also inspires me everyday. It is always great to see what others are doing!


  5. I love it! Music is probably one of the biggest for me too! We were talking about recording on cassette tapes earlier today and how we had so much fun with them! And I love that you still have paint on your hand in the picture! ;)
    This was so fun! You're such an awesome and inspiring person!!! xoxo

  6. It might sound strange but my eyes are not only windows to my soul, they feed my soul.
    What I see is what inspires me.
    Thank you Janel. That is a beautiful question.

  7. Definitly my blog friends are my biggest soul searching inspiration right now. After just spending 3 and a half days in the hospital, reading daily postings really helped lift my spirits. Thanks.


  8. what is inspiring me now... aside from music (and the inspiration my bloggy friends share) i find inspiration in movies... the visual (decor, costume, etc.) the emotion (i'm usually a romantic / comedy girl) the substance (meat & potatoes of the movie... storyline, etc). yep...
    oh, p.s... i totally and completely <3<3<3 the postcards!! you totally rock!!

  9. hmm what moves me the most..
    My niece, isabelle. The little girl is everything to me!! =]

    ADORABLE painting. i love it!!!

  10. Finding new and hidden places inspire me. There's nothing like exploring a park, a museum or an estate with my sweets to refuel my soul. Despite the hard times we go through in life, we are very lucky to be living it and exploring it together.

  11. My kids are definitely my inspiration. I look at them and see the future. Knowing that I am bringing another life into this world any day is AMAZING!!

    I also have to say that my students inspire me. Being able to help mold the minds of kids other than my own and see the joy they experience when they succeed is the best feeling in the world. Being a fellow teacher....you understand :)

  12. hmmmm well music definitely inspires my soul. i love finding new music. it always makes me feel great! especially if i can then introduce it to others!

    also reading really good books that make me feel something is a big one too....

    ps-i am also having a giveaway (first ever!) check it out here-


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