19 August 2009

promise keeper :)

Last night after Adam had read my blog post, and I was still in bed, he told me that I better get up and do something creative since I made a promise to my blog readers that I would :) I love him.
So, I did.
I actually started to feel better when I was doing something other than lying around. I started a new quilt!! I am soooo in love with it so far!! I am only going to share a sneak peek with you until I get more of it done:

I am using the bento box pattern with Echino fabrics. The center is a HUGE (maybe 12x12) embroidery piece. I am only doing two blocks like that!! Eeeek! I can not wait to get more done on it and share it with you :) This is going to be a very special one, going to a very very special lady as a gift (another reason as to why I am not sharing it yet!).
I also finished up my quilt journal as much as I can for now. Adam's mom sent me the coolest quilt journal in a package the other day. I was sooo in love with it but found it was too small for all of the pictures and words and details that I wanted to add. So, I took the format from the book she sent and turned one of my huge blank journals, into a quilt journal!! Here is what I have thus far;

Now, all of my quilts have a story and a history that can be passed down with them :) I get bummed when I get a quilt and don't know everything behind it and about it. That is the best part about the quilt :)
And on another creative note...Here is why I love being an elementary art teacher (even thought I got probably a total of 3 hours of sleep last night and still feel like yuck)! :

Isn't that the most beautiful sight ever? I think sooooooo!
Happy Wednesday!! I am sooo excited about the new Bible Study starting tonight!!
love love love you


  1. Love the new quilt.I continue to be amazed at your many talents. Love Mom

  2. oh my goodness gravies! the new quilt is absolutely beautiful (totally <3 those fabrics)! the quilt journal just totally rocks and it makes me want to start quilting (maybe, ya never know)... and how COOl is your classroom!! i'm closest with the art teacher at the kids school (miss G... shes such a sweetie<3)!!
    Have a super great week!!

  3. Hi! I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, and only just making a comment. I LOVE your quilt diary, it's such a cute idea. Just wondering though, do you have links to the quilt pictures? I'd love to see them in more detail :-)

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon!! Absolutely love your quilt journal!!! THAT is a definite treasure!!! Your new one looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more! I can imagine your art class is soooo much fun! I bet those kids just love you to pieces!!!

    My verification word is "defork". That just makes me laugh.

    P.S. Sent you some happy mail today! =) (I can't keep secrets sometimes.hehehe)

  5. the new quilt is looking amazing--stop putting the rest of us to shame (but seriously, don't stop because everything you're making is beautiful :) ).

    i also loooooovvvvveeeee your quilt journal. it's a good way to keep track of all you've done as well as to hopefully pass it on someday to someone who will cherish the history as much as you do.

    plus, it just looks cute.

    i have a neat verification word too. it's "brogrog" which reminds me of manmate's waking up sounds.

    Feel better!

  6. Mom- I am sooo proud of you for getting on the computer and leaving comments :)

    Emma- all of these quilts are on my blog (somewhere) look through June and July!!

    Thanks for the compliments!!

  7. That quilt looks like it will be gorgeous!

    I love all the colorfullness of this post!!

    You have a really cool mom that she will leave you comments!

  8. Sorry your not feeling good.

    I am so going to copy cat your journal idea. I never thought of making my own. You inspire me! And you are so right that the other journal is too small to do our quilt projects any justice at all!

    Thanks for leaving luvs on my blog!!!

    Love you, hopefully you get better soon!

  9. Oh, I almost forgot........I know who the quilt is for......LOL. I CANNOT wait to see more of this very special quilt made with TONS of love!! I LOVE your fabric choices too.

  10. Goodness what a fantastic idea. A quilt journal.
    I am so going to do this!
    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.
    You are the best.


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