13 August 2009

off to Massachusetts this weekend...

not me :) The quilts!!! I have officially finished Kyle and Kailey's 6th birthday presents, which were little lap quilts for them :) Oh my goodness the quilts are so cute. NOT as cute as these kiddos though...
Here is Kailey:

(looooove her! Can you just picture that little cutie pie talking in her east coast accent?!)
and here is her quilt:

Next up, her totally handsome twin brother, Kyle:

(looooove him!! He is absolutely the sweetest thing, and the cutest. He loves his sister so much too, it's darling).
Here is Kyle's finished quilt:

I will be sending these babies off on Saturday!
In school news, today was great. It really made me feel so blessed to have a job that I love so much. I saw sooooo many kiddos and I was just so happy to be there. My throat literally hurts so bad tonight. Not in like a sore throat way, but in a strained throat way. Unfortunately, the first day of art consists of a lot of talking from me and a lot of listening by my kiddos. So, tomorrow and Monday will most likely be the same way until I see all of the classes. After those three days though, it is creativitiy city!! I can't wait to start my first projects!!!!
Other news, Adam got me a Hannah Montana stylus for my DS to replace The Littlest Pet Shop one that I originally had :)

Apparently, I am 8 :) I have been training my brain on Brain Age 2 lately. I used to have a 20 year old brain age (Which is the best) but since I haven't done it since like March, I now have a brain age of 41!! I better get back to training!!!
good night friends,
Im exhausted!
Oh yeah, one more thing, my MIL started a new blog called The Quilters Kitchen which is going to be all about quilting and recipes. She will have lots of tutorials for quilting too!! She is the BEST teacher when it comes to anything quilting!! You should follow her and definitely go leave her some comment love!! Thank you :)


  1. your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! you are seriously tempting me to have a go at quilting myself! (just not feeling that crafty-brave yet - think i'll stick with my silver & gold for now! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the referrals!! :) These quilts came out soooo great!! It always amazes me how much you get done. You should have Cindy wait to have the kids open them while you're on Skype so you can see their little faces....they will be SOOOO excited!

  3. The quilts will be treasured by the twins! We are so looking forward to seeing you and Adam at dinner. Love Mom

  4. These two cute little kiddos are so BLESSED to have an aunt like you!!!!
    This part is from Jake: "I totally like your "stylus pen!"

    You're welcome for your gift. What a writer you are...the note you left on my blog was so sincere and so well written. I am blessed to have a friend like you!

  5. quit making all these quilts--you're making the rest of us look bad!

    they are beautiful though, and your neice and nephew are cute too!

    tooottalllyyy following your MIL's blog--you say "quilting tutorials" and i'll say "where?!".

    congratulations on the good first few days--hopefully the year just gets better and better!

  6. I -LOVE- your quilts...thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now a follower of yours! :o)


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