29 August 2009


If you know me, you know that I am a HUGE fan of photobooths :) Tonight we had a wedding reception to go to for a family friend. This friend enjoyed the photobooth at my reception so much, she decided to book one for hers!! It was a blast :) It's always neat to see what a hit a photobooth can be at a reception!
My poor sweet husband just isn't kicking his sickness. He was feeling really yuck so I went with my sister (a very lovely date :D)
I didn't stay too long (about 2 hours) and I caught a ride home with my dad. It was a nice reception and everyone looked beautfiul.
Here are the awesome photobooth pics that me and my family took tonight :)

Did you see the special guest appearance that was made in the pic of my parents kissing??? That is my favorite. I also love the one of my mom and sister with the back of their heads. I literally laughed hysterically when I saw that.
Favorite quote from the night: My dad says, "Wow the gangster and the fish-face, those are new faces Janel."
HA! Apparently, I need to get a new go to look for pictures :) The gangster and the fish-face, it's what I do :) What can I say??
A fun night. Came home and snuggled with Adam and worked on some fun things in my new "space."
My eyes can barely stay open......soooooooooo tired.


  1. its so cute that your parents did this along with you!


  2. Soooo great!!! I wanna book a photobooth just for a party! That would be soooo awesome!!! Such fun photos! I love your family! So fun!

  3. love all the pics!!

    i love the one that you changed to your profile pic!!!


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