26 August 2009

a random post <3

First off, I want to say thank you sooooo much for the amazing response that I have gotton for my quilt project! I can not wait to get all of my squares in the mail so that I can start making the quilt :D I also can not wait for Friday so I can see who is going to win the quilt that I am giving away!! If you have not entered yet, and still want to, check out this post!!
Ok, onto some photos from my life these days :)
Here are some shots of the "Mystery quilt" that I was making earlier! This is a wuilt that I am making for my sister, for her wedding: (I told her about it so now I can share the pics)

These two HUGE embroidered panels will be the main focus of the quilt. She is obsessed with peacocks so I let that obsession inspire the design. I am sooooo psyched to get this finished and be able to give it to her!!!
Now onto some vinyl love:
These are what you see coming in and going out of my front door:

I love them.
And who doesn't have a tea kettle with a mustache??

This weekend I worked on finally completing the organizational center in my hallway. This little area was inspired by a class that I took at the RVA Craft weekend taught by Elsie:

Lastly, here are two little paintings that I am adding to le Etsy shop:
This sweet whale

and elephant

Alright, tonight I have adult VBS, which so far is awesome, and my house needs major cleaning!! I am off to get some of that done before my Bible Study while I watch some DVR'd Ace of Cakes episodes. Good times, good times :) Alright, remember to check out my quilt give-away below :)
I love you guys sooooo much!


  1. You are such a great artist!!

    See me tonight at Bible Study and I will give you the quilt square.

  2. i love your new paintings--so adorable!!

    if you don't get my square before you start your project, send me hate emails and comments--i might need the initiative to get my head out of my school books and embroider a simple square!

    the new quilt looks like it's going to be beautiful. i love that the colors you used so far even remind me of peacocks.

    in other news, i was beginning to miss you. i look forward to your daily posts, and when you don't, my blog-time isn't the same.

    that sounds sooooo sappy, but it's true :).

  3. I love chalk board paint. I used it for the youth group I led a few years ago and kept on with it since then. =)

    What is your Bible study about?

  4. i love the elephant o so much....its little face is beyond adorable!

  5. Hello pretty lady! Thanks for the love on my blog! Ok can I just say that I am still in total shock that such a beautiful quilt can be found at a garage sale! SERIOUSLY what where they thinking? Ah well it went to a marvelous home! Your little whale is perfect!

  6. i didn't get a reply...i sent you an email for your address so i could send a square. could you email it to me again? carly_rutledge@hotmail.com

  7. W-OW! teapot with a mustache! and it's aqua! can it get ANY better?

    i think not.

  8. How cute are yOU!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm loving everything you've got going on here... so cute!

  9. First off, I love the quilt! 2nd Ace of Cakes = LOVE! =] And, you elephant is so dard cute, i'm going to go and check out your shop right now!


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