29 August 2009

feeling productive <3

Man oh man, I have gotten sooooo much cleaning, organizing, and re-decorating done today :) My focus today has been my craft space. I wanted to have an area to sew at. I have been dragging my sewing machine out to the living room, onto the coffee table, each time I have wanted to make something. Now, I have a table, chair, and an inspiring space to do all of my sewing work :) Here, is my new space:

I also looooved this idea that Leigh-Ann had for storing her buttons. When my grandpa passed away, I was able to get his old bubble gum machine. So when I saw Leigh Ann's, I was inspired :)

Yay!!! I am so excited about my progress and feeling really inspired to sew, sew, sew!!
BTW- last night's anniversary dinner was amazing!!! Like amazingly amazing. Look how beautiful it is:

He makes Eggplant Parmesean better than ANY restaraunt out there :)
My other favorite meal he makes me is this:

Triple Berry Cheerios with fresh blueberries :) Yum.
Tonight we have a wedding reception, fun!
Have a great rest of your weekend friends :)


  1. your sewing area is sooo cute!!
    love it!

  2. 1st, I'm starving and that meal looks soooo amazingly delicious!!!
    2nd, your room looks awesome!!! I love how you've arranged everything! Now I just wanna come over and craft & Indie can cook dinner for us!!! Ha!! ;)

  3. Lovely Craft Room! Very inspiring!!

  4. so cute! i love the wall color--alof your art looks great against it!

  5. Your craft room looks awesome. My favorite part are the glasses next to the Elsie girls. SO cute. All of it is SO cute!

  6. Your sewing space looks so nice! I love all your RVA loot! Lucky!!

    And your anniversary dinner looks so delicious. My hubby made me eggplant parmesean last night for the first time and it was amazing! What great guys we have and they know how to cook too. Woo hoo!

  7. holy cuteness!!! it looks so awesome!!!

    happy belated anniversary :)

  8. the craft space is looking lovely...your motivation may trigger something about my non-motivation.

  9. That wall color in your craft room is so pretty! Do you know what brand and color it is?

  10. i love the button bubble gum machine:)
    just came across you blog....and love it!!

  11. Love your sewing area! It's so cute and colorful.

  12. oh wow, your new space looks so gorgeous!

  13. oh man I love it! All that wonderful room! lol I have zero - I sew on the coffee table - it sucks! Hey we have twinsie wall colors :) everyone thought I was crazy when I painted it that color, but it turned out great!!!!


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