01 August 2009


Happy Weekend!!
So, today I...
* woke up super early to go garage sailing with my mom and dad (no good finds)
* Got a very much needed pedicure and a very much needed eye-brow wax :)
* got my hair cut (just a trim) Speaking of: I asked my stylist to do the hair-tattoo thing and she was too afraid to do it :( Does anyone know a more brave stylist somewhere in the MO area?
* made my sister's Jack and Jill shower invitations (she's getting married soooo soon!!)
* shipped off my Etsy items
* hung a very beautiful painting
* ate really healthy
* took a nap
Not too exciting of a day, but hey...it was nice!!
I didn't take a picture of the quilt I am making Kyle yet but I did find pictures of the fabric on this website:

Now, I did check with his mum who said he would be ok with the fuschia car fabric :) He is a really cool kid!! I am going to start on his twin sister's quilt next. Exciting!!
Out for tonight :)
looooove you.

OH!!! I almost forgot!! The winner of the Crazy Quilt Square was Amber :)
Congrats Amber!!! Email me your address and I can ship it to you right away!! All I ask is that you post a pic of what you decide to do with it :)


  1. Hey, Janel! I just left a little comment for you over on Jodie's blog. Hopefully it'll convince you to try a little Love Light! :)

  2. okay seriously... I never have this kind of luck!! I am so excited!! I won the fabric from Rachel last week. WOOT!!!

    He he... I will email you my address asap. Thanks so much Janel!!


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