10 August 2009

monday inspirations...

So, today I thought that I would share some eye candy with you that has been inspiring me :) All of these pictures were found on Design Sponge (where you can find the credits). Photos like these inspire me in many ways. I like to surround myself with lots of loveliness...

Please remember that you can also enter the give-a-way in the post below, just by telling me what inspired you!! It's a good one, promisecakes :)
Have an inspiring Monday!!
***ALSO, I lost 5 pounds this week making it a total loss of -8.6 pounds all together in the past 2 weeks!!


  1. Beeeeeautiful pics! I need to check out that blog more often! Congrats on the weight loss! That's so awesome!!!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss - woohoo!! Proud of you!!!

    BTW, thanks for my "Panda Bear" postcard. That was so thoughtful of you. "Pandas" are what inspire me :) hahahahaha

  3. those are just perfect for a monday morning!

    p.s. congratulations!!!!!!!!

  4. That is awesome Janel!! Congrats.
    Thank you for all the amazing eye candy this morning!! I am in love with that camper!! I don't think I would want to leave it if I owned one!!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Wow, if camping is like that, bring me!! :)

  6. Hey Janel!

    I had to quit being shy and tell you that I LOVE your blog. Seriously, you are always so positive and have a lot of talent. Plus, we are fellow Missourians! (I live in Cape Girardeau!)

    Anyway, keep up the good work!



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