31 August 2009

fabric and thread

It seems like today's theme is fabric and thread. I have recieved four quilt squares for my Blog quilt and I loooooove them. They really mean so much to me!
Thank you to:




* and Janet!
I literally get giddy walking to the mailbox these days in anticipation to find these squares in there!!!
Next, i made a little embroidery gift myself, for my dad :) My dad totally complains that he doesn't get to see Catalina, my puppy, as much, now that I am married. He is really cute about it. Cat and him are BFF. Sooooo, I stiched him up a little sketch that I did of Catalina:

I think he will love it, even though it's kind of girly. Dads have to love gifts from their daughters no matter what!!
And, I received this GORGEOUS necklace from this cute Etsy shop.

It is soooo pretty <3 You should go and check them out :)
Finally, I want to give a shout out to Rachel on her Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday lovely lady :)
Have a great week!!! Be inspired. xoxo


  1. Yay! Glad you got it!
    Looove the necklace!!!!

  2. beautiful necklace, and i love the embroidery of catalina :).

  3. Yay for the quilt squares! I am still working on mine, but it should be in the mail by wednesday! Have the best day ever, Janel!!


  4. I'm totally making you a quilt square!

    I'm just trying to come up with something cute!

    Love the Catalina hoop for your dad hehe so sweet.

    XO. Kyla.

  5. Love the embroidery of Catalina!

  6. P.S....thanks for embroidering my quilt square!

  7. Hello miss Janel! Mine should mail out tomorrow or Thursday (just fyi... i don't know how to embroider so I'm totally wingin' it! lol)


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