28 August 2009


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* is Adam and I's Match-a-versary (that is the day we were matched on E-harmony :D...dorky but that's how we roll).
* also means that it is our 6 month wedding anniversary
* is Friday which is great!!
* I am going to watch the first disk of the first season of MadMen since that show is apparently the best show ever (according to all of my bloggy friends)
* I am going to eat the most amazing meal that my husband can cook (it is soo soo good)
* I was blessed by EXTREME generosity from one of my favorite blog friends (you should all follow her blog btw!!)
* I recieved my first quilt block for my Blog BFF quilt today!! Thank you Erica (you are an amazing embroider by the way :D)
* I felt really happy to be Margot's friend for what she is doing for Jamie :) AMAZING!! Read about it here :)
* was picture day at school and I had forgotton about so it may not be a pretty picture :)
* I came home to pretty fresh flowers <3
* I am missing my xo5 girls
* I am counting all of my blessings and thanking God for each and every one of them! PTL!!!
Have a great weekend loves!


  1. i girl-scout promise that i'm going to start embroidering a square for you...soon!

  2. Great list!
    Sounds like a great day!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    xoxo -j

  3. Really? I thought it was pretty..um..subpar compared to what i've seen..I have much learning to do..I'll look back at that square and laugh LOL But im glad you like it!

  4. two things:
    mad men is amaaaaazing! i hope you love it :)
    and what is this yummy dinner the hubby makes?? it is almost midnight here, yet reading that made me sooo hungry! (and i don't even know what it is!)


  5. Sounds like an amazing day! You are so blessed.

  6. Sounds like an awesome day! And congrats on the 'versaries'! :)

  7. Oh, PS...tell me how MadMen is!! I put it on the netflix queue...but I've yet to see it yet! lol

  8. YAY! Mad men is FABULOUS!
    I am so addicted.
    Catch up. You have until Sunday to watch season 1 & 2!

  9. Ok I will join everyone else and say that MadMen IS amazing! You should try to get it at the library, its more affordable.

    Match-versary - Yay! I love it. Thats cool that you met on Eharmony. I would loooove to hear the story! I met my fella on line too!




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