27 August 2009

Once upon a 2007...

In the summer of 2007 my sister and I took a wonderful adventure...
We headed to New Mexico to learn pottery from the Acoma Native Americans. It was surreal. Our group traveled through New Mexico and Arizona; hiking canyons, studying the culture of the Navajo and Acoma Native Americans, learned to cook, learned how to do pottery the way the ancient ones did, and we ate the most amazing green chile cheese fries. We also visited a ton of museums and walked the same trails of Georgia O'Keefe.
I stumbled upon my journal from this trip and it brought all of the memories back like a flood. Here are some of my favorite pages from this journal :

I filled and ENTIRE sketch book on this trip. It was amazing. The picture at the top f this post is the pottery that we had worked on for over a week, everything was done EXACTLY the way "the ancient ones" had done it. Clay from the earth, pigments from the earth to paint with, stones to burnish, one single string from a Yucca leaf that we had to chew and suck before we could paint with it, and finally a kiln built out of cow poo. It was an insane process, but worth it. Here is a picture of what was left after a day of "baking"

I'm pretty sure that my sister's pottery were the only pieces that didn't blow up. Nice!
All in all this time was beyond amazing. I did so many things that I never thought I would do or could do.
The moral of this story is "When you see an adventure coming your way...do it, jump in, make some memories!"
Happy almost Friday!!! I am extending my give-a-way another week because I have had such a HUGE response.


  1. wow! what an amazing trip!!! I bet you're so glad you made that journal!!! awesome memories!!!

  2. Your journal is so special. What beautiful sisters you are.

    I did pottery at school and loved it. My favourite piece was a flower I made into a mask. It was all going well until it went into the kiln and blew up into a thousand pieces. :) Oh well.

  3. That had to be so amazing! Your journals are so beautiful and with them you will never forget this trip! What a great trip for you ad your sister. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Amazing journey you took! I love the journal~ so creative! :)


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