15 August 2009

a little slice of heaven :)

After a successful morning of garage sales (some good finds to show later), my mom and I were sitting on the couches at her house, lounging. I thought to myself, I could lay here all day OR I could decide to do something with my day :) That is when "lavendar harvesting" popped in my head. In a desperate attempt to find a lavendar farm anywhere in Missouri, I discovered Winding Brook Estates. I asked my mom if she wanted to drive out to the lavendar farm, just to check it out and she said YES! I also knew that this may be something that Adam would love to do too (not like garage sales) so I called him up and he was excited as well :)
Walking through lavendar fields, smelling that amazing fragrance is one of the most peaceful and most relaxing experiences. It kind of reminded me of heaven :) It was lovely (even though it was about 95 degress, sun blazing). Fortunately, we were able to harvest our own lavendar bundle while we there. Even though it isn't prime harvesting season, there was PLENTY to choose from. Here are pictures from today (Adam is becoming quite the photographer!!)

We also had these amazing Lavendar and Lemon scones there. They were so delicous and almost...calming really :) What a fun day! I love days where we can be spontaneous and experince God's beauty and creativity in full force. When we got back home we were greated with a package from Mom MacLean full of tons of quilting treasures!! Fabric, finger grips (for stippling), a book that I am dying to read, and a Quilt Journal!! I am soooo excited about the quilt journal. As I am typing this blog post I am also uploading pictures of all of my quilts to Walgreens so I can start filling up the journal. If you are a quiter, I definitely recommend that you get one :) A big thank you and an even bigger hug for the treasures :)
Also, a big thanks to Adam and my Mom for tagging along to the lavendar farm, it was great!
I am off to hang my bundle in my closet so that it can dry out :)


  1. Icant believe you have already have the pics up! It was a very blessed day. Love Mom

  2. Wow, I have never even heard of lavender harvesting before...looks like tons of fun!

    By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog! They were way sweet...


  3. i love how your hair goes in a ponytail. and you :)

  4. I'm so glad the box got there ok. It took a long time!! I mailed it on Monday. Let me know how the finger grips work, I LOVE mine. So much easier to hold the fabric when machine quilting. Love you guys!!

  5. I haven't heard of lavender harvesting before either. Wow, this looks super fun! :-) Your pictures are beautiful.

  6. I've never heard of this before either! Looks lovely! Will have to check it out sometime! You find the coolest stuff to do! xoxo

  7. I love lavendar and this looks awesome, great photos!

  8. oh i loooovvee lavender. one of the best smells ever.

    congrats on the breakfast set--eat your breakfast and think of me singing that cereal girl song from sesame street. you'll probably choke on your cereal from laughing, but it'll be a fun way to start the morning!

    i decided to not worry myself over my rows matching up. it makes it more me :)--and whoever said that about quilt's not looking perfect is my hero of the day.

  9. p.s. i like the picture where adam has a plant in his mouth. if he had a sheriff's badge and a cowboy hat it would complete the look.


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