20 August 2009

art, art, art

I am feeling like I need some inspiration for great art lessons this year. I went looking in my iPhoto albums at some of my favorite projects from last year and I thought that I would share them with you. Maybe it will take you back to the good ole days of elementary art class :)
So in my art room we:
This helps us to make these really cool recycled robots

and these sculptures made from old encyclopedias :)

And these awesome magazie bowls (Who needs to pay $50 for one at World Market when you can make them yourself)!

We break mirrors and glue the pieces to the wall!!

We throw birthday parties for Artists of the past!!

We have ATC swaps (we are cool like that)

We also looooove to celebrate other cultures like:




And the USA

In my class we don't paint color wheels, we eat them :)

Yay!! Ok, i can not wait to see what cool ideas we come up with for this year!! What do you think about these projects? Did you have a favorite art project that you remember from Elementary School? I would love any info or feedback please :) Happy Thursday which means it's almost Friday, which means it's almost the weekend!! Plus Project Runway starts back tonight!!! Can not stinkin wait!


  1. awesome ideas!
    so creative!!

  2. OMG is that a cupcake Color Wheel?!!

    Be still me heart!!

    I'll get back to you with some fun Ideas I remember from art class in a little bit.

    I just needed to post about this now :)

  3. Wow! Such great ideas!!!!
    I wanna be in your class!!!!!!!
    I don't remember anything from my art classes in grade school. Must not have been too exciting!!! I'm sure your students will remember you forever!!!!

  4. I love all these!!

    The one art project I can remember in grade school was "sculpting." By that I mean we each brought in a bar of soap and then we carved it into something. I made mine into a dove. I gave it to my grandma as a gift. When she died, we found it in among her things....made a tear come to my eye!

    When Sarah was in grade school, the art teacher had them paint a picture to some music. The teacher played a song and the kids painted what they were feeling while they listened to the song. That was pretty cool.

  5. You are an amazing Art teacher.VBS was so fun last night! Please ask Adam and Matt to bring thier washer games Sunday. Have a great evening. Love Mom

  6. oh my goodness my kids are going craaaazy over here! they want to be in your class!!
    i'm so excited for PR tonight too!!!

  7. all of these ideas are waaaayyyy better than anything i ever did in art class! i especially like the encyclopedia project.

  8. um, did i ever mention that you have the BEST JOB EVER?!!!! oh how lucky you are :)
    ... and how luck your STUDENTS are!!! i'm quite sure we never did ANYTHING that cool when i was in school... the only thing I can remember is making reindeer christmas tree ornaments out of wood clothespins and pipe cleaners. (and i only remember that because i still have one somewhere)

  9. Wow! Awesomeness! My favorite elementry school project had to be in 4th grade. We were painting like Eric Carle, painting different colors on papers then cutting out shapes and making it into things. I made a sun! I still have it. :)

  10. I WISH I WAS IN YOUR CLASS. like for real!!!!


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