12 August 2009

smiles to my face

After a loooong day of meetings and preparation for the first day of school tomorrow I was drained and a little bit crabby (just a little bit :D ) So, it TOTALLY made my day when Adam picked me up with a mail parcel full of Craft Swap goodies!! There are so many cutie pie, perfect things! I am sooo lucky to have so many talented and cute friends. Have a look for yourself:

Also, Adam surprised me with this :)

lavendar infused chocolate! my two favorite things :)
And finally, I have sewn together all of Kailey's quilt, backed it and quilted it. All that is left is the binding which is a darling pink with white polka-dots...lovely! I can not wait to get it finished so that I can send it up to them! Looooove it.

Ok, like I said, tomorrow is the first day of school for all of my students!! Last year was a great year, my first in art. For those who don't know I taught Reading my first year, first grade for 2 years, second grade for 3 years and last year was my first year as the art teacher! I loved it <3 The hardest part of my job in the beginning of the year, is the kindergarteners! They are sooo "new" to school.

Here is a little teacher story (we have so many of these). Last year, on my first day as the art teacher, with my first class of kindergartners, I finished the class and had them all lined up to leave. Their teacher came, and the class filed out. I walked back into my classroom and one of the kiddos was sitting in my sink, throwing my sponges up in the air and was singing "Spongie, spongie, spongie." Nice.

I have three kindy classes tomorrow and my first year EVER having lunch and recess duty. Yikes!! Is it sad that the only thing that got me through the idea of having those duties was the fact that I would be able to get a cutie clipboard and a whistle? The only thing that I thought about for the rest of the meeting was how I was going to bling out and decorate my clipboard. I am such a nerd :) Ok, I have to get some good sleep tonight so I am off to bed. Any prayers for a great first day of school, for everyone (especially the kindys) , would be greatly appreciated :)
I love you all sooooooo much!


  1. Yay! You got it already!!!
    Looove that quilt!!! Beautiful colors!!! It makes me happy!
    Good luck tomorrow! It will be great and they will all love you soooo much!

    When you get time, check in with the BOB class blog! There's a giveaway that ends tomorrow nite!!! (& a chat tomorrow nite if you're able)

    Have a happy & wonderful day tomorrow!!! I'll say a prayer (or two!!) for you!!! Big hugs!!!
    xoxo -j

  2. your package is absolutely full of awesomeness!
    quilt is looking super cute!

    tons and tons and tons of good luck wishes for tomorrow!

  3. Quilt is looking amazing. Good luck tomorrow and so excited to see all the craft goodness. Hope u enjoy the mini camera floral chipboard album I created.


  4. LOVE that quilt....you are the quilting queen!!

  5. Kaylee will love the special quilt. How were the kids? Dads back is out again. He has a pretty good attitude though. I really enjoyed my day with Adam today. Hope yours was blessed. Love Mom

  6. Hope you enjoy the bookmark. I love my stuff too.

  7. Thank you thank you for the amazing floral brooch! It is going to look perfect on my jacket this winter!!

  8. Gah! I'm so excited you liked your craft swap stuff. I loved the broach you sent! So cute and adorable..just like you! Thanks so much!


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