10 August 2009

reason #4,324 I love my dad :)

He buys me gorgeously detailed hand-sewn quilts in lovely condition at garage sales!!
It washed beautifully and is now laying on my bed:

ohmygoodness and did I mention that it is made of the softest material that I have ever slept under?? I am in love with it. Thanks dad!!
And speaking of quilts, I got the fabric for Kailey's little quilt today!! Which means that I started making it tonight, and it is darling. It is made entirely of vintage floral sheets that I got from RVA. Here is the progress that has been made so far :)

Me and this gal are spending my last night of summer together :)

Tomorrow I go back to being an elementary art teacher again.


  1. Oh my stars! Gorgeous.
    PS - there is an award for you on my blog.

  2. love the quilt...i'm a little jealous! i hope dad sees this! loves

  3. I'm headed to RVA tomorrow...do you want anything?

  4. Yay! Was the box ghettolicious enough for you?

    Can't wait to see this quilt in it's finished form!

    My grandmother has that same quilt design but a twin size and the base is teal instead of yellow. But yours is freakin' incredible!

  5. Beautiful!!! Your dad ROCKS!!! Can't wait to see your next quilt finished!!!!

  6. Love the quilt pix...and it's fun to see that you are making a block quilt. I love the feeling of seeing it come together. I worked on a "quilt" myself tonight -- making a beach blanket from sheets I picked up from Goodwill last weekend.

  7. Your dad is the coolest!...LOVE that quilt!!

    BTW, it's time to add "quilting" to your list of favorites on your blogger profile....you have become quite the quilter!! :)

    P.S...Praying for you as you start back to school. Your students are so blessed to have you as a teacher! You are one of those teachers that kids will remember long after they have finished school as being one of their favorite teachers. I still remember one of my English teachers (Mrs. Lempe) as being one of my favorites because she made Shakespeare come alive for me. You are that kind of teacher. You make art so much fun!

  8. I'll get it if they've got it!
    Oh, and check it out (this is off of your profile!):

  9. That quilt is GORGEOUS! I never see quilts like that at yard sales.

  10. Gah! Apologies...I only got the craft one, but I'll probably go back there before I head home in October.

  11. aw, what a great quilt!

    and the one you're making is looking good too!

    back to school is so bittersweet.

  12. geez i love it!!!! I want to make that star burst quilt :) I've been collecting fabrics for one! That is is just beautiful - way to go dad!

  13. Good luck on your first day back at school! Love the new quilt you have startd.

    Oh...just wanted to say thank you for me fabric patch that I won. I got it today. The colors are amazing!!

  14. I lOVE Kailey's quilt squares! She is going to flip over it....

    The quilt your dad found it amazing....I bet he got a much better price than if we found it at the Brimfield Flea Market :) LOL

  15. How was your day? If I had an elementary child I would love for her to be in your class. Love Mom


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