14 April 2009

My Sick Day in Photos :)

Well, I was still feeling pretty crummy today so I had to call in sick again. So, I decided to photo journal my day to keep myself busy!
So, here we go...

This is what the table looks like in front of the couch that I have been laying on for two days :)

You can still see some of the dissapearing ink that will soon be gone but I love the way this turned out. I sewed in some vintage buttons from my grandma's old button tin.


(Another W.I.P.)

So, I started this next project before Easter but I wanted to add a lot more!

I feel like I have a gotten a lot done so far today, and it is only 1:35!!
I need to nap now...have a great Tuesday!


  1. Love all the stuff you made! WoW!

  2. ahhh, totally cute!! I love that shelf you have (where did you get it) and that photo booth picture with you with your hoodie on totally cracks me up!! You and Adam are just too cute! Thanks for sharing pics of your stuff. I love it a ton!

  3. i love love love that little journal. i don't think you know how great it is. love it.

  4. Everything looks sooo awesome!!!! Hope you're feeling better very soon!!!

  5. yay! you just make my whole day! thank you thank you! i loooove it all!
    i'm getting to work right now! :D

  6. I really wish I had the motivation to do all of that in one day (or, at least, the organization bit haha)!

    And a nap really sounds like a great idea...I'm about to crash! :P

  7. wowwwwww! amazing stuff.
    hope you're feeling better!

  8. love all your embroidery projects!
    That's one heck of an easter gift you made too! I love that whole scrapbook! Especially the cover, so cute. makes me wanna go get out that kit too... maaaaaaaybe I will. ;)
    you're awesome.
    get better soon girl!

  9. OK, so I am worn out just reading. Think I might need a nap...


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