26 April 2009

New Etsy goodies and Winner <3

Hey lovelies!!
I just finished a weekend of creating some really cool multi-media necklaces for the Etsy shop!! I am really excited about these pieces because they encompass a lot of my favorite things!! I especially like that you take something eveyday-ish, like a domino, and then turn it into a mini-piece of art on a necklace!! I love them!!
Here is a little peek :)

My favorite one is the "Scrap girl" one. It is so cute and has a lot of cool details!! Please hop on over to the shop and check them out!!!
I also made this cutie-pie little painting for Nicole to celebrate her engagement day:

Soooo cute!!
Okay, and now for the give-a-way winner..........I didn't have any pictures of Adam drawing out the name because my camera died but it was cute, promisecakes!
It is also funny because Adam will never let me draw diamonds on anything because he thinks that I am stealing her style because of ONE journal page she did (he's toooooo funny!) so............
Congratulations to the very LOVELY HollySarah!!
Now remember Miss Holly, your part of this deal is that you now have to have a give-a-way on your blog!!
and I get to win it :) j/k but I will be entering it because you are awesome so I am sure the give-a-way will be just as cool too!!


  1. how sweet the painting is for nicole! :D
    and yay hollysarah! can't wait to enter her giveaway!!!! :D


  2. oh wow!!!
    Thanks so much, sheesh, I usually don't win anything, but I've been so lucky as of late! :)
    I will indeed have a giveaway. Maybe tomorrow... I need to think of something.... hmm

    sooo funny that Adam won't let you draw diamonds, lol. I don't usually draw them, I wouldn't even call them my style necessarily.. ha!

    Thanks again Janel!!
    xoxo, h


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