13 April 2009

Monday Inspirations...

Well my lovelies, today I am at home sick :( Boo. I hate being sick but even more than that, I hate having to call into work sick because then I have to come up with sub plans which are no fun.
So, hopefully doing my inspiration post will help me to get into a better mood :)
I know I have blogged about her before but today, I am soooo inspired by Holly Sarah!
Seriously you all, not only is she a mom, and a wife, and a BOMB creator, she also just opened her very own Salon and Spa. I have no clue where she finds the time to make all of the cool stuff that she does. Not only all of that though, she is such a good person! I love it!
You can read more about her here at her blog (one of my most favorite blogs to read btw).
Ok, here are some of the project that she has created, that have totally inspired me to no end :)
P.S. These were all borrowed from her flickr which you can browse HERE!

Ok, I literally had to stop my self from posting more pictures. That is how much she inspires me :) I totally have to meet her someday :) I have noooo problem going to Canada again, that is for sure.
So, if you are loving her stuff as much as I am, please leave her some comment love :)
Have a very inspiring Monday!
I actually think I am feeling well enough to go embroider a bit now :)
Happy creating.


  1. happy embroidering! i too am a HUGE fan of HollySarah! she's got MAD skills that i'm in love with! i loooove it all!!!!!!! i would love to meet her too! can't wait to meet you btw in springfield!

  2. Sorry you're sick! I totally remember the pain of sub plans when I was an art teacher, it's totally harder than a classroom teacher because you have to explain so much about each art project. Thanks for the awesome blog link!

  3. aww, Janel!! You're the sweetest.
    I'm so flattered, and that makes me sooo happy that some of my creations can be inspiring to you! :):)
    You have made my day.
    Much lovies.
    holly <3

  4. so very inspirational!! I love her stuff. It would be so cool to meet her also! I want to go to Canada so bad...someday :)


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