06 April 2009

29 Facts about this 29 year old:

Tonight Adam and I were purging (again) through boxes of old memorobelia. You know the kind of box that houses old letters, love notes (trashed now), pog collection, stamp collection, Care Bear and Rainbow Brite, literally anything that I could find of my grandpa's after he died...that kind of box. It was fun to look back on things and reminise about life at the certain point in my life. I was showing a movie about Andy Warhol to my second graders and I learned that he used to save and collect things DAILY and store them in boxes DAILY with the dates on them so that he had mini time capsules of his life for people to look through after he was gone. Kind of cool, kind of obsessive :)
So, I was thinking that someday I may want to look back on this blog and remember some things about me at the age of 29 and 1 day. Here it goes!

1. I am married to a lovely man, Adam Marshall MacLean (I am blessed)
2. I have a great realationship with God and loooove learning daily
3. My favorite movie is still Man on Fire with Slumdog Millionairs as a cloooose second.
4. My favorite book is impossible to define because I loooove reading books. i go through them like they are going out of style.
5. I am obsessed with blogging, twitter, and the online community
6. I love the outdoors, everything about it.
7. Autumn and Spring are my favorites.
8. Music is my anti-drug
9. I live in the cutest condo ever
10. I am obsessed with creating and being creative.
11. I love my Toms and my uggs
12. I am inspired the most right now by Rachel and Elsie
13. I loooove Diet Dr. Pepper
14. Cupcakes are my sweet of choice
15. I would freak out without my MacBook
16. I want an iPhone
17. The Office is my favorite TV show (although I really don't watch much TV)'
18. I love taking pictures
19. I am starting to love using a sewing machine
20. Felt is my BFF
21. My family is soooo amazing (another blessing)
22. My close friends are great friends
23. I have a rad haircut
24. I love Reynosa, Mexico with all of my heart
25. I want to go to Africa, Scottland, and New Zealand really bad
26. I love hummus and pita bread
27. I drive a Honda Civic but wish I had a hybrid
28. I spend too much time on Etsy :)
29. I am hoping that my husband can get a job closer to me so that he can move here :)

My life at 29! That is it. Well, that is not all of it but that is me in a nutshell :) preferably a pistachio nut shell (another favorite).


  1. Great list! Good idea to document it all! I'll have to do that in a couple months, tho mine will have a couple extra numbers on it, lol. I looove pita bread and hummus too!

  2. so fun, thanks for sharing Janel!
    You know.... i went through your list and counted how many were the same facts about me, and I got 16!! That pretty much means we could be real life bff's. :) lol

  3. We are praying for #29 to be answered real soon!

  4. i might have to steal this idea :) if you don't mind. i really like it! oh and I want a iphone so badly but don't have at&t! i love the camera and the photo apps on it!

  5. we are a LOT alike! love it! :D good list to make! i loove meeting people with similar loves!

    i'll be in MO in 21 days!!!


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