23 April 2009

Did somebody call for a GIVE-A-WAY!!

Oh yes, I am loving give-a-ways these days :) I NEVER win them but I love having them. I feel like poor Adam has made 1,000 trips to the post office for me this week to send packages. I mean seriously, there is nothing better than recieving a package :) So, here is the fun give-a-way. It is two-fold :)
1. You must be a "follower" of this blog. Like, I need to see your name over there on the side-bar saying that you are a follower...deal? Not just a google reader, a follower.
2. Part two, if you win the give-a-way, you need to have a give-a-way yourself :) It could be something sooooo simple, but I am in the mood to pay it forward :)
Your prize, a "run with scissors" canvas tote to carry around town full of crafts, groceries, diapers, whatever. The canvas tote will be full of goodies too!! Extra goodies include a copy of my two favorite magazines: Ready Made and DIY, some sweet stuff, and more!!!

This give-a-way is for all :) I will definitely ship overseas...not a problem :) Ok, I will announce the winner Sunday afternoon, so start the commenting my friends. Leave a comment, be a follower, yay!!
Speaking of yay, how cute is Adam?

so fun!! (Chalkboard speech bubble, here.)
Happy Thursdays to all...it's almost the weekend and I am having a garage sale! I love garage sales :)


  1. Yay I'm first. I follow and stalk lol. Hugs!

  2. stalk #2 reporting! lol you and your hubby are super cute!

  3. fun! loooove give-aways!
    you're too sweet! :D
    ok seriously... only 6 days and i'll be in springfield! soooo excited to meet you and the rest of the rva crew!

  4. I too love garage sales!
    How sweet of you to have a giveaway! That tote is cute, and I love how you add the Pay it Forward challenge, Im all about that too.

  5. Woo hoo! Super cute! Hope I win! :)

  6. Fun! I'm a follower and crossing my toes that I win. :D

  7. Yay...already had the first one checked off!

    And I've been looking for a good reason to post a giveaway! haha

    Oh yeah! I skimmed over your email this morning...but I'll answer back today when I get off from work (so that I can have a little extra time to actually read it, lol)


  8. I'm having a garage sale tomorrow too!!!! :)

    You know I'm a follower and a daily stalker!!! ;)

    That bag is toooooo freakin' cute!!!! And that pic of Adam is adorable!!!! You two are so cute together!

  9. I follow, I read, I get inspired. And I newer win either. :-)

  10. I am now a follower! :)

    And, I am doing a giveaway, too!!! :)

  11. woohoo! I love your blog miss Janel and I'm already a follower, google reader, etc. :)

    readymade is one of my favorite magazines too! thanks for the giveaway.. and good luck to whoever wins!! :)


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