08 April 2009

Kitchen inspiration!

I am definitely not a fan of my kitchen...at all. I hardly ever use it (Adam loves to cook) and it is pretty much the only room in our place that hasn't been updated. I am pretty sure that the linoleum and cabinets have been here since the place was built. If we decide to stay here, something will have to be done.
I do believe that I have done some good decorating with what I have though... It has sort of a terra cotta clay pot feel. Our dishes are fiesta ware so I would love to do something with open cabinets or windowed cabinets so that they can be seen. I love the colors!!
I stumbled across this lovely kitchen at this lovely lady's blog: So, not only does she create amazing things, she could definitely be an interior designer as well.
Enjoy the loveliness:

In love!! I almost want to move just so that I can have a ktchen as lovely as hers. It may even make me want to hang out in the kitchen more :) Who knows!


  1. We need an open drawer to display all of our silverware... ;0

  2. i totally love that blue bread box! I want one so bad...maybe I will get lucky when i go thrifting up there.

  3. this is really cute. who's blog are these pics from?


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