25 April 2009


Ahhhhh!! I am beyond excited right now :) My beautiful, lovely, amazing, fantastic, wonderful (and every other word that is good) sister, Nicole got ENGAGED TODAY!!

Her and her awesome boy have been dating awhile and I am sooooo excited that he is going to be my brother now :) Yay Matt!! Man, I am soooo happy for her and for him and for them and for their exciting new life together:)

Can't stop smiling :) Now, I have to run and wake up Adam so I can tell him! Is it bad that I told the blog world this before I told my husband :) haha!


  1. Congrats to Nicole!!!! How exciting for both of you!!!!

  2. yay nicole!!! :D
    and congrats to you janel for getting a new bro! :D


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