29 April 2009


The RVA craft weekend is sooooo close that I can taste it! Which is weird because I am sick and I can't taste anything :) I am really getting sick of this sinus thing. I am on my second round of anti-biotics and on my way to feeling a lot better!! So yes, this weekend, you can find me here!

And speaking of there, I totally think that I am going to need this loveliness:

She is seriously so inspiring and amazing and lovely :) She switches things up like nobodies business. I am very excited about this weekend needless to say. I get to meet some of my very favorite blogging friends from my online class and I am just ecstatic over it :)
Tonight I am working on "My Favorite Things" book from Elsie's kit. I am loving it. It is looking really good so far but I have no good pictures of myself to put into it. I promise I will take some pics of it as soon as I am not feeling to lazy to get off this couch and get my camera :)
I also want to do a vlog like all of my Pretty girls are doing. I don't have a video camera but my mac has a built in camera. Is there a way that I can video tape myself with that?? Let me know and then I can hook all of you up with a vlog via ME!
Ok, goodnight lovies!


  1. i used imovie to make mine, took me a while to figure out and upload. make sure you publish it or it won't download lol. have fun at RVA weekend, i hope they do another one where i can go!

  2. have fun at rva weekend and take 1000 pictures so i can feel like i was there :)

  3. can't wait for you to be here! i'm here NOW!!! i'm sooo ecstatic i need to blog about it!!!
    i'll call you in the morning!


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