01 April 2009

You can quit begging now :)

Just kidding! I am sure you are all so sick of wedding pics but I just got another batch from the wedding planner herself and I am loving them!!!
Here are some more favorites...
Oh my goodness they are like professional!

And let's not kid ouselves my friends, there will surely be more!!
Have a mentioned that I want to go back!?


  1. Gah, deary, stop bein so pretty!
    I am so ridiculously happy for you.
    And I love the picture of your dad with his girls, way cute.
    My friend and I just went to Potter's House, I thought of you.

  2. These photographs are awesome. Dont ever worry about posting to many. Its your blog you can do what you want. I appreciate seeing them as my hobby is photography I like to see the differant angles taken in photographs. There were alot of good shots in that batch.

  3. Such awesome pics!!! I love them all...the colors are amazing! Love the rings in the sand! Beautiful!!!!

  4. i love your bouquets. how classic are roses? so so pretty

  5. These pics are amazing......so professional. I am impressed. How beautiful! Love-love-love!


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