15 April 2009

So very thankful

Margot, over at The Spark, posted a mini challenge for everyone to photograph five things that they are most thankful for. I loooove these kinds of challenges :) I actually just finished writing 50 things that I was thankful for in my journal the other night so it was kind of hard to narrow it down to five, but here we go!
1. First, and forever, I am most thankful for my faith, and everything that it encompasses. I would literally be a hot mess if I didn't have faith and God and Jesus. sooooooo thankful!

(For some reason, when I took this picture, it totally reminded me of God so that is why I chose it).
2. Reynosa, Mexico. This small little town and, more importantly, this little colonia, has changed my heart. I am so thankful for the beauty, and new definition of love that I found while I was there. I don't think there will EVER be another place that dwells in my heart and impacts my life as much as this beautiful colonia.

3.My family and my pup, Catalina :)

4. My husband <3

5. Inspiration in every form-nature, friends, online classmates, magazines, blogs, books, God, family, heros, etc.

I definitely could have posted way more items that I am thankful for. Isn't it a blessing to have an infinite list of things that we are thankful for compared to the tiny little post-it note sized list of the things we aren't thankful for? Smile! Be thankful. If you choose to take this mini-challenge yourself, please post a link to it in the comments or over at The Spark!


  1. you have such a beautiful heart! xo!

  2. I love your list!!! And the pictures you chose are sooo perfect! I'm doing this today so will be posting later tonite!!! :)

  3. your pics from mexico are AMAZING! wowwwwwww. i'm so impressed!

  4. great "thankful" list!
    L-o-v-e the pic that reminds you of God!!

    Are you getting excited for Saturday night?

  5. love your five things, i'm going to try and accomplish mine this weekend. and thank you so much for your lovely comment (and purchase:]) the other day, it made me smile. it's going in the mail today!


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