22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day <3

Earth Day is one of my very favorite holidays to be honest. I love how excited my students get sharing their ideas on how to "Be Green!" Honestly, any day, set aside to make us more aware of how to keep this precious gift we call Earth healthy, then it is a good day to me :) I did so many cool Recycled Art projects today with my kiddos and I definitely should have taken pics :) Sorry! Here is a cool mosaic that I found on Flickr that reminded me how beautiful our planet is and why it is soooo worth protecting :)

I also pulled these off of a blog (that I lost track of two seconds later so I don't have a link to reference it!) How amazing are these tulip fields??

I mean if that is not a work of art and a reason to celebrate Earth's beauty, than I don't know what is!
One last exciting thing. I saw this when I clicked on Elsie's blog this morning :)

How cute!!! That is a letter from three of my most favorite students who absolutely loooooove Elsie :) I printed that page out for them and they were absolutely dying over it. Soooo precious :) Speaking of Elsie, I can not wait for the RVA craft weekend which is NEXT stinkin weekend!!! Can not wait!!
Okay lovelies, I am watching America's Next Top Model, so I need to focus :)
Have a great Earth Day!


  1. LOVE OUR EARTH! it's a great thing to be conscious about... keeping her green! :D

    that was so cool of your students and awesome that elsie posted that! yay!!!

    your package is in the mail. thanks so much! have fun with it!


  2. I'm trying to go green....I'm kind of "pea" green right now but I'm hoping to work my way up to "bright" green!
    So you ditched the Women's Bible Study for America's Top Model?????? Ouch, I'm hurt.....I had your prize to give away to you last night!!! :)

  3. How sweet--- you're their teacher? That is so rad.. and very kind of you!


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