04 April 2009

"It's a beautiful day..."

Man oh man, today was a lovely day. Lovely in so many ways :) Adam and I decided to spend the day outdoors. When he and I first started dating, I would come up with all of these fun date plans for us that were outdoorsy. Then, he would come down to St. Louis and it would rain EVERY weekend :) It never failed. So, for our very first ever date I wanted to take Adam to The Lakehouse which is a cute restraunt at Creve Couer park, down at the lake. You can have your dog there, you sit outside, live band, fire pits, twinkle lights, great food, etc. Like I said, it rained every weekend here from the weekend Adam and I met until like June...seriously.
One year later, we decided to go to The Lakehouse :) It was really fun and Catalina really enjoyed it until it got really windy and she got chilly. It was ok though because Adam found a great way to warm her up...

(new shoes!!!)
After the Lakehouse, we decided to drive around town and take pictures of SPRING!! There are so many flowering trees, and lovely smells all over our neighborhood and I wanted to document the beauty of all of these amazing creations of God somehow <3

Afterwards, we went to Dogport, which is a dog park and played...good times!
Tonight we are eating fried rice and relaxing. I did some embroidery last night that I finally have pictures of. The first one is an owl that I drew and embroidered on some lovely designer fabric that I had left over.

That project was based on one of my current favorite Spring color combos :) Magenta, green, and yellow! looooove!
Right this second, I am currently working on this cutie pie Easter Bunny brooch.

The bunny is actually from an embroidery pattern by Elsie. I need to finish this before tomorrow. Adam and I are taking Catalina to a dog easter hunt. I think they hunt for treats :) They have contests too for the cutest puppy outfit and Easter basket. Cat will not wear clothes so I need to make her basket sooooo cute!! I think I will put this brooch on it somehow!!!
Only 2 and half more hours until 29!!!
good night lovies!!


  1. Happy early birthday!!! Your flower pictures are beautiful! Hope tomorrow is amazing!!!

  2. Heute kann es Regnen, stürmen oder schneien, denn du strahlst ja selber wie der Sonnenschein

    Heut ist dein Geburtstag, ich gratuliere dir, alle deine Freunde freuen sich mit dir, alle deine Freunde freuen sich mit dir.

    Hej Janel,

    above a german birthday song. Just for you. Maybe someone in your family can still translate it.

    I wish you a great 29th birthday day. It will be wonderful. Like you.

    best birthday wishes from far away.

  3. Great pics!
    Hope you had a great birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Janel!!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed year full of amazing memories!!!!


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