27 April 2009

Crazy Eights

I was tagged by the lovely Miss Kimi to do this post, all about the 8's. Here it goes!!
8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
* RVA Craft weekend
* Summer vacation
* feeling better
* Meeting blog friends this weekend
* America's Next Top Model
* Moving some day
* being tan
* my parents getting their own puppy
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
* ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel
* celebrated an engagement!
* cleaned out my closet
* wrote more thank you notes
* completed my registries with all my gift cards
* got allergies!
* cleaned my craft room
* embroidered
8 Things I Wish I Could do:

* Motivate myself more
* crochet
* speak spanish
* afford to take more mission trips
* relax
* double dutch
* wiggle my ears
* french knots (I try and I just don't get it)
8 Shows I Watch:
* The Office
* Project Runway (when it's on)
* America's Next Top Model
* Split Ends
* The Hills
* The Real Housewives
* Anything on Disney Channel that is not a cartoon
* Saved by the Bell
8 Favorite Fruits:
* Oranges
* Bananas
* Strawberries
* Blackberries
* Blueberries
* Raspnerries
* Bing Cherries
* Kiwi
8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
* New Zealand
* Ephesus, Turkey
* Uganda Africa
* Scottland
* Guatemala
* Greece
* Thailand
* New York
8 Places I’ve Lived:
* my home growing up in St. Louis
* my home now in St. Louis, MO
* 211 Sibley-LU in St. Charles, MO
* Shawnee, Kansas-for a summer
(that is it!)
Okay friends, that is it for the tag :) It was kind of hard coming up with Eight television shows but I do randomly watch all of those. Also, I haven't lived many places yet but I know that that list will get longer sooner or later!!
Feel free to do the tag and link it in my comments so I can check it out!!


  1. Thanks for posting..made my day!
    My Blog when you have a moment..

  2. Looking forward to being tan???? You already are tan! (compared to some of the rest of us)

    Living more places sooner or later....maybe later but I don't think you could live more places sooner :)

    Been missing you at church, girl!<3

  3. I loved reading all the crazy eight blogs! Very interesting :)

  4. Thought you might like this:

  5. hey i don't know how to do the link thing; but i did the 8's :)


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