08 April 2009

Flickr Faves FINALLY!

I FINALLY learned how to do one of these mosaics on Flickr! Yay! I thought that since I learned how to do it, I would post it!!

1. painting moleskines, 2. i love a desk layered in butchers paper, 3. Project 14 - Vintage Tray Calendar, 4. Project 11 - Needlepoint Art, 5. pink is back & better than everrrrrrr! :D, 6. a little peek...., 7. scribble*project, 8. My Favorite Piece, 9. The Living Room, 10. Living Room, 11. Project 9 - Paint Your Own Pillow, 12. feather cupcake topper, 13. felt*mum, 14. Her Happy Dreams, 15. Red Velvet Art, 16. orla loves, 17. margaret, 18. Dresden Mod doll quilt, 19. Vintage Aprons & Vintage Chairs, 20. Felt Tipi Village, 21. ABC Fabric Magnets, 22. Kenner Road GD, 23. Sebastian's Room Is Cooler Than Mine, 24. Living Room Holiday Vignette, 25. Studio Space


  1. Uh oh...you must be so tired so tired playing with Flickr Faves all night now instead of sleeping...

  2. fun! :D
    and i bet these are going to be addicting for us!
    have a happy thursday!

  3. you are totally going to have to show/tell me how to do that...cause i have no clue either! I love all your inspiring goodies :)

  4. Love this!
    I don't know yet how to make one :-(
    RVA class was great wasn't it :-D




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