21 April 2009

Some reception pics

Yay! I just recieved a disk of pictures taken from one of my mom's friends at the reception!! There are so many good ones but I thought that I would share just a few with all of you. 
Adam and I's sweetheart table....We didn't want to have a huge head table, just something small and intimate for us only!  That is also my boquet for the boquet toss that we made.  I was going to make origami flowers but...ran out if time!
Our lovely cake!!  Not only was it great looking, it was soooo great tasting as well.  The cake served almost 200 and we had about 120 people there and the cake was still all gone by the end of the night!!
One of the center piece designs that I came up with.  White sand, sea glass, branches spray painted with red and texture to look like coral :)

The cutie pie guest book that I made.  Again, I wanted something more personal so I put this book together with multiple sized and shaped envelopes with multiple sized and shaped notecards that people filled out and placed in an envelope.  It was a hit and I absolutely looooved reading all of the sweet notes.
The favor boxes that doubled as place settings :)  Our wedding favor was a map of Cozumel turned into a magnet that I had designed and purchased from Etsy.  They were adorable and perfect and everyone can use a magnet right?
The Mr and Mrs. 
Me and my lovely girlfriends, "The Cha-Chas."  My favorite group of girls EVER!
Rachel, Faith, Mom M., Mom B., and Dad M.

Zac, Devan (who by the way, is a total keeper Nick!) and Nick
Photo booth fun with Faith and Nicole!
More fun in the photo booth!  Best wedding reception decision ever :)
First Dance..."A Twist in My Story" by Secondhand Serenade.
Dancing with my dad <3>
The bouquet toss.  I totally threw with more gusto than I thought that I had and it flew by Nicole :(  Sorry Nini.  But my lovely friend Kim caught it!!
Kim with the boquet and Matt caught the garter!
Yay!  Great times were had by all and it is always fun to be able to look back at pictures and remember it!!  Thank you Cindy for the pictures, what a special treat!!  Now I am going to have to get motivated enough to do some sort of scrapbook with my three months of marriage pictures!!  So because of the fact that this wedding has literally lasted 3 months and we still have our Massachusetts Reception in July, my dad has limited my sister to a one day wedding :)  Too funny!  It was definitely fun while it lasted but I am VERY glad to finally have some down time, with my husband, to enjoy just being married :)
I hope all of you had a fabulous Tuesday night and day.  Nighty night friends!!


  1. looks like F-U-N to me!!

  2. Everything looks sooo great! Love the centerpieces and loooove the guestbook you made!!! The photobooth looks sooo fun!!! Great pictures!!!

  3. That's such a great idea for a guestbook! And I really love everything...it looked so nice. Not to mention you guys all looked like you had a blast!

    Haha, you are the luckiest ever...you get to boogie down for three months! Awesome! :P

  4. Great reception - thanks for sharing the pics! Somehow I missed the "guest book" so I still want to sign, if that's possible!
    BTW, you are one of the winners of my 1,000th give-a-way, so a prize is coming your way!! Yipppeeee!!

  5. i think my invite got lost in the mail...
    no but seriously, soooo amazing! your guest book and cake are awesome and i love your colors too!

  6. oh my- that cake looks devine- so pretty, and that color!!

    Looks like a fun wedding!

  7. your wedding colors inspire me, what a lovely reception. and that cake, my oh my :]


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