20 April 2009

Monday Inspirations...

Ever since I was about 13 years old and I read an article about her in Seventeen Magazine, I have loved Betsey Johnson. I remember they showed pictures from her home, and it was sooooo inspiring. I actually ripped out one picture, which I still have, of her sitting on her bed. She had a four poster bed, with a line of sorts going around the poles. She had dyed vintage women's slips all different colors and had then hanging from the line all around her bed. I wanted my bed to look like that sooooo bad!
Anyway, I love Betsey Johnson. I love her affordable Betseyville line. Her color, her eye for style, her textures, her shapes, all of it...She inspires me. Here is a Flickr mosaic that I made of some of my Betsey faves!!
I hope you feel inspired too!

1. THRILLS!, 2. Betsey Johnson Shoes - Gwen, 3. Betsey Johnson 2008-57, 4. BETSEY JOHNSON, 5. Betsey Johnson, 6. my betsey johnson skull shoes, 7. Bow Watch by Betsey Johnson, 8. Betsey Johnson Cupcake Mouse ring, 9. Betsey Johnson evening tea party dress, 10. Betsey Johnson, 11. Viva la Betsey!, 12. Betsey Johnson, 13. Betsey Johnson Sunglasses, 14. Betsey Johnson dresses, 15. Wedding outfit Betsey Johnson, 16. Betsy Johnson Boutique - Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Happy Monday friends!


  1. I'm totally inspired and I would like 2 of everything please :) I love that black bag and the dresses are awesome!

  2. I totally love Betsey Johnson. I have always wanted one of her crazy dresses. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  3. I ONCE TOOK A PICTURE WITH HER! she told me i was adorable and fixed my necklace (it was one of hers and the horseshoe was backward, so she flipped it forward) and my dress had tooling and she made it puffy.
    one of the greatest events of my life lol!!


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