07 April 2009

The Scribble Project <3

Edited: Yay! It totally got featured on their blog!!! http://thescribbleprojectclub.tumblr.com/

For some reason, when I scanned My Scribble project in, it kept cutting one of the sides off. That is why there is two pictures :) I wanted to make sure that you could see all of it! I love it. I also printed a bunch of the sheets off and had my fifth graders do one if they wanted. They did some really cool ones too that I may scan in: Well, here is mine:

Definitely check out their Blog and Flickr. There are some wicked talented people out there :)


  1. Awesome!!! Yours is sooo great, Janel! I loove the tree on the side. All the little details are wonderful! I'm a bit intimidated to start mine now! lol But I'm just gonna jump in and go for it! What a great thing to have your students do one! I bet those are great! I bet they think you're the greatest teacher EVER!

  2. I LOVE YOUR DOODLES! the scribble project is awesome!

  3. I love the scribble project and congrats on it being put on their blog. i love your doodling!

  4. yours turned out AWESOME! my turn!! :D

  5. Congrats on being featured! That's my girl :)


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