27 April 2009

Monday Inspirations...

Happy Monday! I am very happy to share with you all today, a really inspiring blog named Daydream Lily.
Oddly enough, she just posted about a "blog crush" that she had. Well...I totally 100% have the biggest "blog crush" on her blog!!

You have to go check out this blog. You could literally just scroll through the blog posts and look at the pictures and become immersed in all of the loveliness but the words are really good too <3 Here are some of my most recent favorite pictures that have inspired me lately from Daydream Lily (all of the photo credits can be found on her blog).

Aren't you so in love right now?? I definitely need the cupcake poster, and the Vans, and a tree that grows umbrellas :D
And, here is a little Janel inspiration...the picture is not the best because it is from PhotoBooth but I did a little bit of embroidery last night. Here is what I have go so far:

I was tired...lol.
Okay everyone, have a great Monday and reflect on all of the blessings that are being bestowed on you everyday. Talk about inspiration!!
loves <3


  1. W.O.W! You're right..I'm so in love right now!

    All my inspo is coming straight from my google reader! I don't really get to read them all...but I do skim through the photos...yum!

    Loving the embroidery! I've been trying to embroider more...and I've been dying to do the pirate ship, lol. :)

    And while I'm commenting...I saw your last post, too (lol)...I really love the key necklace...those colors are so great!


  2. Thanks for the new crush. Like I need more. LOL

  3. Wow! What great inspiration! I'm definitely going to check her out! I loooove the umbrella tree and the cupcake poster!!!!

  4. you're too cute! 3 more days!!!
    and that blog... AMAZING! thanks!

  5. I love that umbrella tree!


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