20 January 2012

the nursery

I know I show little shots of the nursery all of the time, but today I thought I would give you a little nursery tour, of what we have going on so far.  Now, this isn't the "Full blown" tour that I will hopefully have a photographer friend do (so that it looks perfect), but it's good enough for now :)  
Are you ready?
Here is a view from the door...

 the crib area...
 the reading nook...
 The changing table with the cutest pair of shoes that were .50 at Babies R Us...
 a little DIY project I made...
 another view of the crib area...
 this is the part of the tour where Picasso becomes a camera hog :)
This is the carpet....
 Inside the fort...
 The cutest hat ever from Blabla...
 a little corner and the book shelf...
 Picasso, anxiously waiting to meet the baby.... (Don't worry Picasso, so are we!!)
Obviously there is more, and when I share the complete tour I will talk about the significance of certain pieces and how and why we chose certain things.  It was really important to us that we create this room with a handmade vision.  Almost everything in here was made by me or friends.  The other items are mostly vintage, with a story, which makes them all perfect as well.
What do you all think?


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  1. I have to tell you that this is the most amazing nursery I have ever seen!! I always love looking at the pictures you post of it. It is a total inspiration for what I want my one day nursey to feel like!

  2. It's perfect for your baby. It's so sweet that you have been so careful to craft a space for her... not just to amass "stuff." Looking forward to hearing about the special pieces!

  3. i cannot believe how amazing this is. i mean, i can because you're amazing and so creative so it makes sense but wow...your dedication is so inspiring janel. you're a role model to me, i hope you know that.

  4. Really adorable! I can't wait to show off our son in waiting's room!

  5. It's adorable! I can't believe that's the same room that your studio was in! It's so completely different! (in a great way!) I totally had that "going to grandma's" suitcase growing up!

  6. Thank you ladies!! Your comments mean a lot!! It was a labor of love and I know our soon to be will feel all of that love once she's here :) xo

  7. I absolutely adore it. I was wondering if you made the reading nook tent?? So sweet!

  8. I love a Moses basket. Every time I get one in at my boutique I have a desire to squirrel it away for a 2nd child I'm not even expecting yet. New follower TBB http://gumdropswap.blogspot.com

  9. What a gorgeous nursery! Just looking at the pictures it's easy to see how much time, love and care has gone into this!
    So so beautiful <3
    Cheray x

  10. OK, not trying to comment on your every post, but am totally re-posting your adorable nursery PLUS it features stuffies fr three of our favorite designers, June Craft, Gingiber and Jane Foster. We carry all of those and they're all so cute!!


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