29 January 2012

Project Life Week 4

This week was so monumental in our lives!
It was such a perfect example as to why a project like this is so important right now :)
I will always be so blessed to have all of this recorded for the future!!
Here are my pages for this week:

and here is a bit of a closer view for you all...

* I absolutely loved these journal cards that were a free download.
I started the week with just little photos on them for representation but then with all of the excitement during the latter part of the week, i journaled on them.
*  I made some instagram photo strips from my photos this week.
*  a screen shot of the blog post I wrote as soon as I got THE CALL.

*  Lol, Adam is still wearing sunglasses in all photos to hide his red eyes from LASIK :)
*  I added a little confetti pocket to symbolize all of the celebrating we have been doing over here.
*  I also got my hair done this week so I did a little "before" shoot and an after photo.
*  Adam and I have also been having wii tennis tournaments over here lately.

When i purchased all of my Project Life pages, I ordered a pack of these cute 12x12 envelopes to store special treasures in from weeks where I would need them.
This was one of those weeks :)
I have printouts of the blog posts and comments about the "the call."  I also took a screen shot of all of the Facebook comments that I received and twitter comments that I received about it.
Also inside is a list of everything I wrote down that I learned about the birth mother and a sweet letter to our baby from a dear friend.

Obviously, this week has been such a blessing to us and I absolutely love how it all folded out in my Project Life album.  
Im sure this whole next month will be filled with exciting pages to come.


Would you like to know more about Project Life? You can read all about it here. You can also check out more of my Project Life pages right here!


  1. It looks amazing! I posted my week one a bit ago with a link to yours and saying that I'm not an art teacher! You were my inspiration for starting PL. Here's my link to week two: http://www.letterstomo.com/2012/01/project-life-week-two.html

  2. what a joyful an exciting week you've both had! hoping the best for you. i adore your project life pages. :)

  3. I'm new to your blog and I just want to say I LOVE this project life idea. I know some other bloggers are doing it, and was wondering of there was an original blog outlining the "rules",,, just wondering if there is a certain kind of book or page template and where to get those pages if so. I know I'm late to start it but we have a new baby and I'd love to document his life in a fun way like that.

    Also, I've read up on your adoption journey so far. Praying for y'all as you are so close to the new beginning! I love your nursery.

  4. I saw those same journaling cards and thought they were fun, I might maybe use them this coming week...congrats on the news...I am in social work so I am cautiously HAPPY for you...I pray everything goes smoothly...

  5. I love the idea for your weekly lovelies!


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