10 January 2012



Adam and I are in full prepping and planning mode for our soon to be baby.

We were told that we could get "THE CALL" any day.  Obviously any day can mean tomorrow, or next year.  We are hoping more for tomorrow but reality is showing us that any day may be longer than we hope for :)

So far we have most of the basics - a crib, car seat, stroller, changing table,  a few pacifiers, a diaper bag, a ton of wipes, bibs, and burp cloths, a bassinet, tub,  and a lot of baby clothes ranging from newborn to 2T.
Like as I am writing this I realize:
*  I will need diapers (duh!)  But diapers are so hard to pre-buy since we won't know how big our baby will be.  Can you buy like a variety pack?
* and bottles (like how many should I get to just start with and what kind)?

Is there anything else that you'd recommend as essentials??
Anything that we need in the first few weeks when we all we will want to do is snuggle and love on our baby, and not run out to Babies R Us?

I feel like the more prepared we are, maybe the sooner God will send us our baby :)

Thank you for your help!!

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  1. Congrats! I am a new"er" reader. I love that you guys are adopting. So amazing!!!!! :)



  2. Here was my list: http://ruthiepearl.com/newborn-checklist

    Obviously you won't need all those items, but perhaps it will help you in planning! :) And no, they don't have a multi-pack of diapers that I know of. Do you know how old your baby is going to be?

  3. These are the items that I highly recommend: sling/carrier, boppy pillow, sound machine, Huggies Snugglers diapers, and Playtex Ventaire bottles. Noah is a little over a month old and is just about ready for size 1 diapers, however it does depend on how big baby is. Size 1 diapers start at 8-14 lbs. I believe. I would say at least 4 4 oz. bottles to start with.

  4. Janel - Congrats! It's going to be here before you know it.

    Diapers - most stores will let you return diapers if they are unopened and you have a receipt, so stocking up on a few sizes should work. They don't sell multi-packs that I know of, but they do have small packages of diapers. If you know the age of your baby that will help a lot. My little man wore size 1's until about 2-3 months, size 2 until about 6 months and is now 10 months and has been wearing size 3 for a while. They are for babies 16-22lbs, which is a pretty good range.

    Bottles - I love the Avent bottles as well as Dr. Brown. Both have different nipples to buy for flow based on how old your baby is and how fast you want the flow to be. I have found that both of those brands are about the same as far as spitting up and gas goes.

    Hope that helps you out a little!!

    Take care,

  5. Have you considered cloth diapering? They make cloth diapers that fit from birth through potty training. I cloth diaper our daughter and I would be willing to answer any questions you have :) I recently wrote a little post about cloth diapering on my blog: http://smithsknits.blogspot.com/2012/01/cloth-diapering-101.html

    Good luck!!!!!

  6. I liked the Playtex Drop-Ins bottles (you have to buy the liners, but so much easier to clean up!), you could definitely stock up on baby wipes, tearfree baby wash/shampoo, maybe a diaper rash cream.. the list could go on and on!

    I'd wait and just stock up on diapers as soon as you know what size to buy.. but remember, babies grow up fast so you don't necessarily need to buy 10 packs of the same size diaper.

    Go the store and wander around in the baby aisles =)

  7. So excited for you! Can hardly wait to meet baby Mac!! I have a few surprises for you!!!

  8. As a foster momma, do not pre buy diapers. I have had 3 babies in the last year and each one had their own allergies and each brand was different for each child. One child is in a size for a really long time and another one jumps from size to size. The hospital should give you some when you leave. You will be ok to have to hubs run out to the store for a quick trip.

    We have used Dr Brown's bottles for all 4 of our babies and they all liked them. I like them too. I would not buy the 4 oz bottle because they will only use those for a month or two. Just get the 8 oz ones.

  9. Hey Love,
    Don't forget about a nursing pillow (try boppy). Also make sure you have stuff for the bottles (formula, bottle rack, bottle warmer, etc.). And lots of extra sheets. I've been loading up!

  10. I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for years and have been following your adoption story from the very beginning, and well, your patience just totally floors me.

    You have been waiting and waiting - but not once have you been negative and moaned about it. You have been so positive that you will get your child when the time is right and I really admire you.

    It's obvious that you both have a lot of love to give, and whoever gets you as parents will be so lucky.

    I really, really hope that you get your baby soon :)

  11. I honestly wouldn't buy diapers or bottles until you know the age of the child. If it's an infant you'll need a lot of 4 oz bottle with slow flow nipples; if it's a toddler then the bigger bottles with the faster flow nipples. And kids can be such varying sizes - I have friends whose kids are 14 months and still fit into a really small diaper. I wouldn't waste your money until you know because it's hard to return diapers.

    It sounds like you have almost everything you need! Do you know if you are getting a baby or a toddler or is it just 2 and under? Where are you adopting from?

  12. You will probably be safe buying a pack of some NB and sz 1 diapers. This will at least get you through the first couple days until you figure out what you need. Get like a million lap pads, it's easier to change the lap pad than the whole diaper changing sheet. Oh and Dr. Brown bottles all the way. And Dr. Boudreax's Butt Paste.

  13. I'm not sure if this is something you guys would want to do, but cloth diapering is a great way to have diapers of many sizes since they make some that fit newborn through potty training. Also, they would be reusable for baby #2 and you can get the cutest diapers and diaper covers!

  14. I am not a mommy, yet! So I have no idea what you need, but I wish you and your hubby the best as you wait. The time will come soon! I know you will be a wonderful mother and you and your husband will give that baby a wonderful family. I can't wait! I have been checking back daily anxiously awaiting for you to get "the call" too!

  15. We adopted through foster care and we had no idea the age or gender(s) we might receive. Our first placement was two little boys, one three and one 15 months. They arrived with the clothes on their backs and a couple of stuffed toys. We were so unprepared (you're world's ahead of where we were, trust me!). We had beds set up and a couple toys. So within twenty minutes of their arrival, we were already on our way to our first outing ... to Target for pajamas, next day's clothing, diapers and toothbrushes. It was exciting and scary all at once. But I will never forget our first outing -- and how by the Grace of God we survived! and our little one stayed dry till we got back home with the new pack of diapers.

    Whatever happens, God will work it out so you have what you need till you get more. :) Try not to worry.

    P.S. Our fourth placement was a two-month-old little girl. She got there at 11pm with less than a few hours notice. My hubby had to run to Walmart that night for diapers and formula because she came with very little, as well. Good thing they were open late!

  16. eeeeeeee! so exciting! sending prayers your way! i work with 7 babies a day,and have learned to hate dr. brown bottles so please dont get dr. browns bottles! they are S0 expensive and do not work very well (consistently)! avent bottles are amazing, a bumbo is very useful, and so is a baby bjorn! oh i can't wait for the day to read about ya'll gettin' that sweet baby!!

  17. i haven't been reading on a regular basis, so i don't know whether you've considered cloth diapers. as some of the other people have commented, you may not want to buy diapers ahead of time. you may want to look into your options, though. my friend's baby had a terrible reaction to disposable diapers so she switched to cloth.

    here's an article with some interesting facts about cloth diapers:

    hope you get your baby soon! good luck. <3

  18. I know you are meaning practical things, but I am guessing you will get lots of good advice on those. I think the best things I did, and got better at with each kid, was remembering that:
    1)you can spoil a baby. Yes, its true. Not a popular theory, but true. Feed, wake, sleep.It is a good routine to start from day one.
    2) Not every day will be perfect. I remember my husband coming home to me, still in bum clothes, no dinner ready, laundry on the floor and a sick baby. I cried, "All I did was hold him today!" He said, "And that is exactly what you were supposed to do today."
    3) call in groceries. does your local store do this? you can order online, and go pick them up, they even load them for you. Best $4.95 I ever spent.
    4)"phone a friend" for help. do you have friends you can call to make sure you are ok, get advice from, and ask questions of? Remember, just because you are adopting doesn't mean you might not get the baby blues, and having a "help line" is super important.

    And that is all the random advice I, a complete stranger, dare give. :)
    Adoption is a beautiful thing, and I will pray for you all in the coming days!

  19. Maybe you can try cloth diaper. It's green and cost less in the long run.

    You also can use cloth wipes :)


  20. Exiting news! A sleepy wrap is the best! Cloth diapers are awesome if you give them a chance. Blueberry covers are my favorite and it saves so much money and they don't leak and they are just great! Born free bottles are also very good bottles. Aden and anais swaddlers are life changing too, I have them now with my daughter and wish I had them with my son. All the best to you! Bree


  21. You all are awesome!! A trip to Babies R Us is planned for tomorrow with my coupons in tow. You seriously are amazing. To answer some of your questions, most likely, the baby will be a newborn, straight from the hospital and yes I have considered cloth diapering but my husband is begging me not to :) We will see what happens with that when the baby comes I guess!
    And we are adopting domestically since our two international adoptions fell through. We feel like God was closing those doors and opening doors for us domestically :) International adoption is definitely something in our future though.

  22. I would also recommend a sling and a lot of swaddling blankets.. My favorite are the aden + anais Muslin Swaddling blankets.. But if the baby isn't tiny, then I would say Halo Micro-fleece sleepsacks. Our daughter is 10 months old. We started by swaddling her and then moved on to the sleepsacks once she started to really wiggle and move.
    I use the Tommee Tippee brand of bottles and love them. They have a sensitive tummy one that we use. I BF, but pumped a lot in the beginning and this brand worked really well. She occasionally has some formula when with the g-parents or sometimes in the car, so we still use them and she still loves them.
    You could try cloth diapering.. Then you wouldn't have to worry about having the right size. There are the pocket one size fits all diapers. We use BumGenius 4.0 snap pocket one size fits all for nights and travel if clean.. But then rest of the time we use flats and snappis and plastic pants.
    And if you do do disposable diapers... Purchase a couple sizes and tape the receipt to the unopened box!
    I agree.. Extra sheets is a must! I only buy the soft ones.. I got one from Pottery Barn for Kids and one handmade.

    One thing I always needed lots of were burp rags. When she was little she just wore gerber t-shirts or snap shirts. She was bundled at all times, unless we left the house.. Don't buy too many clothes! Scarlett was born too big for newborn clothes and couldn't use them.. Luckily we also had bought some 0-3 month clothes..

    Scarlett hated the swing, but for some that is a lifesaver. I am guessing you will be holding our baby most of the time, so you probably won't need one.
    We did use a really soft boucer for her to sleep in. She loved the coziness and comfort.. It is the lamb one.

    When Letti was little she wore lots of hats. She was born in March and it was a bit cold some days.

    I'm trying to think.. But going blank on any other advice. Most likely you'll want the baby to sleep near you in the beginning, so I recommend some area near you for him/her to sleep.. The lamb boucer worked for us.. The basinett wasn't warm enough or comfortable enough. I realized that after she didn't sleep well the first night but did the second night in lamb thing.

    Wash cloths? Remember she/he will need to be sponge bathed in the beginning.

    A boppy is nice if you think you'll hold the baby lots and lots.. But regular pillows work just fine too.

    Remember to dress the baby comfortably? Lol.

    Well good luck and I'm sure you have friends, but if you ever need advice 24/7 you've got one in me.

    Love your blog!!


  23. THank you thank you thank you all!!! I got a moby wrap today, a huge first aid/grooming kit, and The boppy is next on my list. I plan on doing a lot of holding :)

  24. Most people tend to overbuy things when there is a baby on the way. I say save your money for when you know how old the baby will be and exactly what else you need. Lots of new moms feel they need every gadget available, but don't forget, you can always get things later or when you actually know about the baby that is coming home with you!

  25. PS I had almost the same experience as R with foster care! My first experience was an 11 month old and 3.5 yr old showing up with nothing at all... After a visit to the pediatrician, it was off to Kmart for diapers, formula and clothes.


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