15 January 2012

Project Life Week 2

Week two of this new year is over, and documented :)
I seriously can'y say enough about how much I LOVE this project.
So, here are my week two pages for you all to check out.

 1.  I am teaching about Charley Harper to my fourth and fifth graders
2.  the message from our sermon on Sunday
3.  My weekly header photo
4. this is a folded card so my journaling is actually on the inside, that is why there is a tab at the top to pull out :)  My parents had some trees removed, and one was my childhood face tree (sad face).  It needed to be done and my mom brought me these cuttings so I could have a little piece of them here at my home.  I'm either going to do little paintings on them or I may make coasters.
5.  A quilt the art teachers in my district are making together
6.  A cool quote and a little memory of a great conversation
7.  Another little inspiring quote.  This one came from a video my mom sent me.  It got me "moving" more :)
8.  Journaling card and a little tag from a Thief and Bandit headband.
9. My sister and I from her rollerskating birthday party.
10.  All of the skaters
11.  Me and my honey, I did the journaling on the back of this card so there is an arrow :)

1.  My mom literally has HUNDREDS of Little Golden Books that she has saved from our childhood and collected.  I was cleaning her basement and organizing and scored a few for our soon to be little one :)
2.  We had my mom's puppy and ours for a night while they were getting their trees cut down.  A night with two dogs is perfection!
3.  My week in review on a photo
4.  A crafty day where I painted spoon puppets, journaled, and did some other little projects.
5.  My two favorite loves; Adam and Catalina
6.  A photo from my balcony of our first snow of the season.

 My fabulous Weight Watcher leader, and friend was in W.W. magazine this month!! So cool!  I wanted to preserve this article so I used one of my 6x12 pocket sheets and slipped it right in.  It was perfect.

I also clipped this fun article from our local newspaper from this week.  A few of my colleagues and I were in the paper from when we met with Faith Ringgold. There was this HUGE photo of Faith and I so I had to put this article in as well.  It fit perfectly on the other side of my page protector.  It was perfect!!

That is my week 2.  I love this way of documenting.  It forces me to even document the little things.  When I feel like my day was too boring to mention, I can find at least one little detail that in essence make my life mine and I can document it. 
love love love it.


Would you like to know more about Project Life? You can read all about it here. You can also check out more of my Project Life pages right here!


  1. Looks great! Howabout all those cardinals in the snow photo! Wow!

  2. janel, this is time you won't ever regret spending.

  3. Yay pretty! I loooooooooove little Golden Books! My favorites were Five Pennies to Spend on Candy (which apparently is SUPER rare now) and We Help Mommy (which I see in your pile!).

  4. I love your add in pages! I'm thinking of doing this project next year, I just hope I can stay the course.
    Also, where do you buy your instax films? I got one for Christmas and was trying to find the best deals..
    Thanks, Cassidy

  5. You're doing such an amazing job, Janel! I love it!

  6. Your journaling talent is an art form. Also, I love the letters you write to baby girl. I know she is coming soon. I keep you in my prayers.


  7. You make such inspiring PL-pages they really catches the eye. Thx for sharing!

  8. charlieandlu- I don't think I have seen Five Pennies to Spend on Candy yet? I have We help Mommy and We help Daddy :)

  9. wonderbread- I always buy my instax film from Amazon, they seem to be the best price and it gets to me quickly.

  10. Thank you everybody!!! xo


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo