04 January 2012


A couple of weeks ago, my parents and I looked through a bunch of old photographs and albums from my grandpa.  He was quite the memory keeper :)
Amongst these photos, were a lot of old slides that I wanted to get developed.
Yesterday, we got the photos back from the slides and had another great day reminiscing.
Here are a few things that I learned from these photos:

1.  Contrary to popular belief, I apparently get my craftiness from my MOM not my dad.  My dad is super artistic and creative but my mom has some hidden secret talents that she has kept from me all these years!!

*  She made that huge macrame hanging!!  (and then apparently sold it at a garage sale sometime in the past)

crewel embroidery! umm hmmm!
And my dad tells me that she was quite the cross-sticher as well.
My crafty soul...I get it from my mamma :)

2.  My dad is the cutest hippie I know.

3.  My mom looks so much like my sister and my cousin Kelly and so many of these photos.

4.  I started blinking in photos from an early age :)

well, only sometimes...

I loooove looking at old photos, don't you?  I would love to have a little flashback post every once awhile just for the nostalgia of it all :)


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  1. janel, that was wonderful to see your parents in a way i had never seen! you must be thrilled. yes, i like old photos, for we are memory keepers. that sounded like an ad. i still have that blinking problem.

  2. Love, love, love!!
    Who knew your mom was so crafty!!
    Your dad is quite the handsome hippee!!
    You are so adorable in these pix!


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