23 January 2012

harajuku mini

So, I know that Gwen Stefani's Mini line for Target is old news but I have to talk about it real quick :)
Since it's old news, it is also finally on clearance over here which means, time for me to stock up a bit. 
My sister totally hooked me up with the CUTEST little outfits for our soon to be from the Harajuku Mini collection at her Target.  None of the outfits were over $6.00 when she bought them.
Here the cuties that are part of the little wardrobe now...

And here are a couple from the more current collection that I am adding to my baby registry ASAP...

Dear Gwen,
Keep up the good work.
My kiddo will be extra stylin because of you.
Thanks so much,
janel and baby.

I better start hanging them up!!
Now, we just need a baby :)

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  1. I lhave so much of this collection for my kiddos and love it! It's even a hundred times cuter on. I'm sure your "soon to be" will look adorbs in it! :)

  2. Love this line so much!
    I have totally been stocking up on all the boys clothes for my kiddo! So stylin'! :)

  3. Oh my goodness SO CUTE! I especially love the military/sailor stuff from the newer collection. Adorable!

  4. For someone who is a mother of two beautiful boys I was hoping that line would have some adorable boy clothes, but at every Target I visit the Harajuku mini section is saturated with adorable girl clothes and I have yet to find anything remotely cute for a boy. I was very disappointed. I think my baby boy deserves to have an adorable faux leather jacket, cute plaid pants, and maybe a matching fedora or other type hat!

  5. that baby is going to be s.t.y.l.i.n.g! love it! might have to head over and get some just to store away from "some" day!

  6. I know!! I love the newer nautical stuff and there are even cute mermaid styled things too!!

  7. Your child is going to be the "best dressed" ever!

  8. I looove these! the new collection is so adorable! i love the nautical vibe and all the mermaids!


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