24 January 2012


Here are a few peeks into my week so far via instagram.
I love Instagram because the photos are just of every day random things but it's a perfect little glance to into the realness :)

1.  I tried out those Sally Hansen nail decals out of pure curiosity.  Not only do they work really well, they make my usually weak nails feel super strong.  I'm a fan.

2. Although my sisters baby shower isn't until March, I have jumped in, full force, into getting ready for it. I am almost done making all of the decorations, invitations, and other fun things.

3.  I got some cute new paper goodies for my Project Life.

4.  I began painting some of my drift wood pieces to create a mobile.

5.  Ive fallen more in love with this project.

6.  My honey got Lasik.

7.  I added some sparkle to my house key :)

8.  I sent in my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.

This is, hands down, my most favorite iPhone app ever.  I love it.
I'm also participating in the #janphotoaday challenge using instagram too.
I'll post a recap of that at the end of the month :)
Have a great night!!


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  1. I've been using instagram for my project 365. :)

  2. Ahh pretty projects! I love your nails :)

  3. as usual, super inspiring. i love how you glitterized your key. awesome!


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