03 January 2012

back to work

Winter Break is over :(  
It was so hard today to get out of bed and get ready for a full day of teaching kiddos the wonderful word of art :)
Fortunately, I love my job.
I've been pretty obsessed with my Project Life book already, which is good, because I can definitely tell it is something that I am going to stick with.  It is really nice to have a little bit of quiet, creating time to myself each night to document the day.
Here is a photo of my first page, just a little introductory...

In other news, I just checked my Goodreads page and it looks like I read 85 books in 2011.  My goal was to read 100 books but then I got hooked on this Mary Russell series and those books were looooong (but totally worth it).
I set my 2012 goal, and I hope to read at least 50 books this year!
You can check out what I am reading and create your own goal right here.
Alright, I have so much to do today so I better run off.
Have a blessed day!


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  1. just wanted to say that i ADORE your blog!

  2. I ♥ your Project Life Book!
    P.S....Those kiddo's at your school are really blessed to have you as an art teacher!

  3. How beautiful is that page?! :D


  5. um can i just say your house is FREAKING ADORABLE?? sheesh, i'm jealous. also i really want to do this photo project now! i started it one year, but didn't get too far ;)

  6. Your project book is just awesome. I am jealous of your creativity :)

  7. Those are some cute pages Janel. I have been re-pinning a lot of Project Life links lately. It looks like such a neat and easy way to scrapbook. I'm excited to start my own. Yay!

  8. Mary Russel is the best! I so LOVE that series. <3

  9. Awww you ladies are wonderful!! Thank you so much for your kind comments :)

  10. Christine- I know right?! They are by far my most favorite book series ever.


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo