12 January 2012


Last night (or early morning) marked our very first snow of the year.  It's technically the first "real" snow of the season.  Man how I was hoping for a snow day :)  It all worked out. 
Also,  your comments on my last post were SO encouraging and helpful and they all made me smile too.  Thank you so much!

Anyway, this week has been really nice so far.  
This week has consisted of:
* project life (obsessed)
* reading
*  painting spoons
*  sewing curtains
*  cutting quilt squares
* organizing books
* snuggling chihuahuas
*  teaching about Charley Harper
*  clay projects with fifth graders
*  stuffy noses
* lots of kleenex
*  The Bachelor
*  Project Runway Allstars (tonight)
*  the cutting down of my FAVORITE tree :(
*  and wonderful conversations with friends

Praise God for it all.
Alright I need to make food and get ready for Project Runway Allstars!!  Does anyone else feel like it's just not the same without Tim Gunn?  


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  1. one very pretty snow photo, & one very busy janel.

  2. I'm so happy you got a snow day! Sounds like a wonderful, cozy day.
    I keep hoping that when I pull up your blog, there'll be an announcement! Praying for the arrival of your baby!

  3. thank goodness someone else feels the same way i do! i just love tim gunn and think its super weird with out him. he makes project runway.

  4. Yes, Snow if finally here! Lovely photos!

  5. we finally got snow in toronto too! i am so pumped:)

    sounds like a wonderful week
    <3 xoxo


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