30 January 2012


Tomorrow afternoon, at 4:30 pm CST will be meeting the birth mother of a baby.
I am soooo excited.
I am full of nerves.
I am ready.
I would appreciate any prayers or happy thoughts sent our way tomorrow.
Thank you!


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  1. Crossing my fingers for an exciting day and smooth sailing. Love u.

  2. i'm freaking out right now.

    i will be thinking of you all day. oh my goodness janel, it's all happening!!

    :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. all my best thoughts heading your way!!! How exciting!!

  4. wow! how amazing that it is going so quickly...I pray that you connect with the birthmother and leave with a amazing peace that only our God provides...

  5. I read your blog every day to see if you GOT THE CALL! I'm a mom of a wonderful 2 year old and imagining how you must feel, the excitement of this must be overwhelming and just made my night! Thinking of you guys and praying that the baby is healthy and that it all works out!!!

  6. I read your blog all the time and check constantly to see if youve gotten the CALL! Im a proud mamma of my 2 year old son and i can only imagine how you guys must be feeling right now :) Thinking of you, and praying that the baby is healthy and that everything works out because you deserve it!!!


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