17 January 2012

as of late.

I have been quite the busy bee lately over here.
My days and nights have been jam packed and I love it.
Here is a little overview.

1.  I sorted through all of the clothing I have for baby.  There are sooooo many!!  We have been blessed by so many people sending us cute little vintage numbers and hitting a lot of garage sale jackpots and mega sales at stores. I had them sorted by size and hung them all in the bottom half of my side of the closet.
 and more piles...
 Thankfully, my mom was there to help me go through it all and suggest better ways to organize it all.  Moms are the best yeah?

2.  Sewing headband and hair bows for some of my fellow art teacher friends.  We fell in love with this crazy fabric during our professional development day and I wanted to make little presents out of it for us :)  I have also been sewing curtains for my mom this week too.

3.  Creating a little Project Life station.  My mom's friend is cleaning out her mother's home and is bringing me a lot of wonderful treasures; including this cart.  It's lovely and perfect and has an electrical plug-in and wheels.

4.  Being blessed by my amazing Pastor and his amazing wife.  (Our church family is so important to us).

5.  Preparing more and more for the little ones arrival, whenever that may happen.

6. Listening to Martin Luther King speeches like they are going out of style!!  (Which they never will be :D).  This one is my all time favorite; The Drum Major's Instinct.  In fact from like 29 minutes on is my most favorite part.  I challenge you to listen to it.

7. Rollerskating with some of my best friends for my sister's birthday party.

8.  Most of my time has been spent on planning and making decor and invites, and all of that fun stuff, for my sister's baby shower!!  It's not for awhile but I like being ahead of the game. It's how I roll :)

So yeah, it's been busy, but it has been great. 
I love being able to fit in so many things that I love doing you know?
I also picked up all of the supplies that I need for my Pinterest Party project!!
So exciting!!
Ok, I am off to finish the book I am reading. It's unputdownable.
night friends!

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  1. Awww. Love seeing how excited you are about baby's arrival! I have y'all up on my prayer white board above my bed. So excited for the day I come to your blog and see that baby's arrived. xoxo

  2. Do I see a fake iPhone??!!!!! I must have this!!!!!

  3. All those crafts and baby planning look awfully fun!! :) I love the little tent!!

  4. Aw I love this post, it's so happy and lovely, I know you don't ever write sad posts but there's just something about this one that feels content with where you are. I'm excited for your sisters baby shower, I hope there will be photos! xx

  5. you are so cute janel. all of this stuff warms my heart. i can't wait to hear the news of your baby's arrival, i can't imagine anyone else more deserving <3

  6. You must be getting so anxious. I commend you for it because I have zero. Question: where did you get that blanket in the first picture? I pinned it to knit it but if its widely available somewhere I'm just gonna buy it!

  7. Yay. That is a neat rolling cart, where did you get it?

  8. @Lauren- It's actually a holder for you to put your iPhone in for the kiddo to play with it without being able to damage it at all. IT's so awesome!! It's fisher price

  9. Where did you get your couch?

  10. Meagan- The quilt is from Urban Outfitters, and the blanket at the end of the bed is a Hudson Bay Blanket that I got at an antique mall :) You can do a search for Hudson Bay Blankets and I am sure you can find one to purchase. I totally pinned a knit on Pinterest too that I plan to make :)

  11. BFree- my mom's friend is cleaning out her mom's house and she gifted it to me :)

  12. Sherry- I got our couch at Target but I do NOT recommend it :( It's so small and hard as a rock. I bought it online and wouldn't have bought it if I had tried it out first. It is cute though :)


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo