28 January 2012

cloud nine

This  is Adam and I, pretty much 98% of the time these days :)
The other 2% of the time we are worried that it won't work out.

Lately I have been:
* crocheting a baby blanket
* reading Disengaged
*  working on Project Life
*  making decorations for my sister's baby shower
*  anxiously awaiting Monday when she may find out the gender
*  anxiously awaiting Tuesday, when we meet with the birth mother.
*  taking walks
* loving life
*  making decorations for The Pinterest Party this weekend
*  loving my friends and family so much
* praying praying praying.


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  1. I think that's awesome! I am so happy for you guys!

  2. From a birth mother to you. I can not believe it seems like I have been going through this with you but not even met you in real life. Weird! I want to say be yourself and know that the birth other other is going a million motions. I know because I have been there. I remember picking out the adopted parents through several books I looked through. I finally met them and some of my motions died knowing these people were going to be the best parents. I had to remind myself I was doing this for her and for them. Of course there were many times I wanted to keep her all myself and run. When it came down to it I had to be string and let her go.
    I wish you and the birth mother all the best. Be strong! Love ya gina papercamerascissors

  3. omg janel i am so excited for you guys! keeping you both in my thoughts - it's so going to happen!!!!


  4. Fingers, Toes, Eye... Crossed!
    We found out a couple days before Christmas that we had a new member of the family arrive. No one even knew my cousins were adopting. They refused to tell anyone, just in case. They waited until the baby was in their arms to make phone calls. XOXO Miracles DO Come True!


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