22 January 2012

Project Life Week 3

There is not one negative thing that I can say about this project. 
I am having so much fun with it.
Here is my week three:

And here is a little bit of a closer view with explanations for each piece:

If you are participating in Project Life, please leave me a comment and link your pages so that I can see it!!
On to week four.


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  1. I am loving following along with your Project Life! You were the inspiration to start my own, but I was on vacation, so now I need to play a little catch up!

  2. This is pretty much the cutest thing ever, ever.
    I miss you.
    And yes, I will make a sign for your nursery. Uhh duh.
    Plus I have a little baby dress to give to you.
    Plus, I'm trying my hardest to make it to your Pinterest party!

    Love your guts!
    xo Haley

  3. I love getting a peek into your project life! I don't remember if I told you but my Mom has been doing these since 2009! :)

  4. I love that you are reading Number the Stars! That is so Bridgeway!!

  5. I love that you are reading Number the Stars! That is so Bridgeway!!

  6. great pages for the week...congrats on losing 15lbs my mom and I have been doing weight watchers for two weeks and it is going pretty well...I fell off the wagon last week because I had a bad week and that time of the month was approaching :) but I am back on track!


  7. I looooooove the look of this project. I really want to do this with my daughter next year (she will be 13 then..) will be a good bonding experience in what I imagine will be a difficult emotional year. Thank you!!!

    Nicola :) x x x x

  8. I'm up to week three, but just posted about week one. Thanks for the inspiration!



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