31 January 2012


Well, today is the BIG day, one of the big days at least.
A huge day for us.
Today we meet the woman who may possibly be making our dreams come true.
I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be although it's seriously all I can think about.
I went to bed with a huge headache and woke up with it this morning too.
I curled my hair cute.
I'm wearing my black pants, black sparkle TOMS and a cute shirt.
I have to go to work all day which is good because it will keep my mind off of our meeting.
I really hope everything goes perfectly and by the end of this meeting "E" is sure she wants us to adopt her baby.
This could be it!
Check back later for my after :)


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  1. Praying that God gives you peace as you walk through this day. Praying that God gives her peace as she anticipates making this huge decision. So much to be thankful for and so much to lay before Him!

  2. This is so exciting!! I wish you both the best of the bestest luck ever!!!!

  3. Hey little lady! I sent you a text yesterday. Not sure if you got it. But just wanted to say good luck and hope everything goes well.

    You could have a little baby before you know it!!

  4. Good luck, lady! I'm sure y'all will do great!!

  5. I'm praying right now......
    can hardly wait to hear!

  6. I'm so excited for you and feel blessed you are sharing this with all of us! I have no idea how I found your journal but I love that I did. I struggled w/ having a baby for many many years and finally blessed with my beautiful baby boy. I'ts such a joy to have a child in your life -- and I smile when I see your decorations and your zest for life as know you will give this child a wonderful life. I know I'm a stranger out here in the vast internet - but wanted you to know I'm excited for you! :)

  7. How exciting!! Praying for you :) :)

  8. Ah! Praying, praying, praying! God grant you peace in your heart, and a trust in His sovereign, perfect will no matter the outcome. HUGS!

  9. Good luck good luck good luck! :D

  10. Good luck! I can't wait to hear more!

  11. thinking of you, have followed your journey for a long time now...prayers for you all the way from England x x

  12. Wish you all the luck in the world!
    Nadine x freebird.


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